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Top 10 free translation courses you can’t miss

In any profession, staying informed and broadening your knowledge is the key to consistently delivering top-notch services.

While getting official certifications is ideal, we understand it might not be possible for everyone due to financial or time constraints.

Luckily, at TranslaStars, we offer various tools to support your continuous professional development.

Here are ten examples of free courses and activities that can assist you in refining your translation abilities!

1. ChatGPT and Bard for Translators

The rise of AI is giving you nightmares?

Fear no more!
Our expert Ekaterina Chashnikova will keep the theoretical part to the minimum and explore the most useful applications of ChatGPT and Bard in translation and localization, such as terminology extraction, gendered word analysis, proofreading, QA, crafting meta descriptions, SEO optimization, and so much more!
PRO TIP: Beyond her expertise in AI, Ekaterina is a seasoned medical translator and writer with a remarkable 15+ years of experience.

Don’t miss her upcoming medical and pharmaceutical translation courses:

2. Strategies to Boost Your Client Base

Fed up with translation agencies giving you the silent treatment after your cold outreach?

Ready to snag top-notch clients but unsure where to kick things off?

Enrolling in this webinar is your surefire ticket to charting the perfect course.

Uncover for free the secrets to creating an irresistible resume, grabbing recruiters' attention, mastering email outreach, enhancing your online professional presence, securing a consistent flow of clients, and much more.

PRO TIP: Craving more courses to fuel your growth as a language professional?

Discover a treasure trove of knowledge on LinkedIn strategy, email marketing, time management, client acquisition, networking, and trade fairs right here!

3. Best Practices when Dictating with Dragon

Have you ever wished you could just dictate to your computer, instead of having to type?
In this free webinar, Nora Diaz, expert translator and interpreter, will help you dive into the world of speech recognition using the best tool out there: Dragon Professional Individual.

Come join us for a session filled with handy tips and best practices to supercharge your dictation skills!
PRO TIP: How can young professionals stay relevant and competitive in an AI-dominated landscape?

What ethical challenges might arise when using AI-powered tools, and how can the industry address them effectively?

What lessons can we learn from the past - especially from the rise of MT/NMT - to navigate the current AI-driven transformation in the translation industry?

If you're interested in Nora's answers to these questions, catch up on our interview with her!

4. Primi passi nel settore della traduzione: cosa fare dopo la laurea? (in Italian)

Are you eager to turn translation into your profession but feeling lost on where to start?

Join Rebecca Iacone's webinar to learn essential skills such as building your visibility, finding clients, establishing your specialization, networking effectively, and promoting yourself successfully in the world of translation.

PRO TIP: As linguists, we can't overlook the role of religion in the cultural development of societies and its influence on their worldview.

Understanding the terminology and nuances of theological translation is essential not only for translating religious texts but also for socio-political documents, editorial material, and more.

If you have a keen interest in these topics and aspire to specialize in theological translation, Rebecca Iacone has the perfect course for you!

 5. MD Traduzione di frasi idiomatiche (inglese-italiano) (in Italian)

The question "How do you translate it?” often echoes when dealing with idiomatic expressions – inherently complex phrases with meanings not directly translatable.

Recognizing and translating them may seem daunting, but fear not—it's also incredibly enjoyable, especially when comparing them with their Italian counterparts and uncovering their origins.

Get ready for a fun-filled journey into the art of idiomatic translation with expert translators Melissa Amato and Alessia Venditti, where language meets laughter.

Enroll today!

6. Fundamentos básicos de la traducción de textos de especialidad (in Spanish)

Embark on a transformative journey into specialized translation with Lorena Muñoz Izarra, a distinguished translation professor at the University of Vienna and the director of Prosodia Translations.

Explore the intricacies of specialized texts, delve into the nuances of terminology and terminological work, tackle common challenges in specialized translation, master effective translation strategies, and understand the critical importance of each translation assignment.

But the course doesn't stop there; it concludes with a valuable section providing resources and tools to elevate the quality of your specialized translations.

More information here!
PRO TIP: Lorena isn't just an excellent professor and translator—she's also a prolific course creator at TranslaStars.

Check out some of her other courses:

7. Cómo encontrar los primeros clientes en traducción (in Spanish)

Dreaming of making your mark in the translation market?

Join Berenice Font, a skilled transcreator, translator, and entrepreneur, as she unveils the secrets to stand out and offer your translation services effectively.

In this webinar, we'll explore the two main paths you'll encounter: becoming a freelance translator or an in-house translator. We’ll help you understand the advantages and challenges of each so you can make the right decision.

Don't miss out on this invaluable free opportunity!

PRO TIP: Ever wondered how impactful advertising campaigns and messages are crafted in different languages?

It's the magic of transcreation!

Join us to learn from a true expert in the field to:
  • Discover the keys to creating authentic and engaging transcreations.
  • Explore real-life cases where transcreation makes a difference.
  • Master techniques for effective collaboration with creative and marketing teams.

Save your spot here!

8. Lenguaje inclusivo (in Spanish)

Did you know that inclusive language not only enhances communication with your audience but is also increasingly in demand to improve content?

With the "MD Inclusive Language" course, you'll master the art of incorporating inclusive language into your texts and navigating controversial topics like the proper use of generic masculine terms in Spanish and the introduction of terminations such as -@, -x, -e, along with their nuanced meanings.

Learn from clear examples to make your writing more inclusive, all while adhering to language norms.

Enroll in the course now to elevate the quality and reach of your texts.

9. Formación financiera y fiscal básica para traductores (in Spanish)

Puzzled about how invoicing works when dealing with clients based in Spain or abroad?

If this question sounds familiar, our free webinar is tailor-made for you.

Join Juan Antonio García, a seasoned tax consultant with over 15 years of experience working with translators.

Get answers to these common queries and gain essential insights that will equip you to either kickstart or enhance your journey as a freelance translator with confidence.

10. Novedades terminológicas que nos dejó la pandemia (in Spanish)

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic caught everyone off guard, including doctors, researchers, and government officials.

However, languages were ready and responded promptly with a plethora of new terms, many of which seamlessly entered everyday conversation: from "never covider" and "Fauci ouchie" to "Dracula sneeze." Simultaneously, more technical terms, such as eCOA, ePRO, DCT (decentralized clinical trial), "mobile nurse," and "telehealth nurse," saw increased usage. 

Join our free webinar with Pablo Mugüerza, a medical professional and expert in medical translation, as we delve into these crucial terms and more. 
PRO TIP: Apart from being an exceptional translator and expert, Pablo is also a highly prolific course creator with TranslaStars, offering medical translation courses in both English and Spanish:
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