MTM Mentoring programs

Make the Most
Mentoring Programs

TranslaStars brings you carefully crafted mentoring programs to make the most of your professional career. Start learning from senior professionals and experts from the translation industry who will work with you in tailor made 1:1 sessions.

Make the Most
Mentoring Programs

MTMM Mission

Empowering you in your career
Our mentors have a true passion for sharing the knowledge they have acquired throughout their professional careers.

All mentoring programs are based on 3 core principles:
  • Unparalleled live tailor made training & mentoring sessions.
  • Learning through doing with real life examples.
  • Up to date content and continuous personalized feedback.

Also for your teams

Mentoring programs are also for teams.
Whether you are the CEO of a translation agency, a localization manager, a project manager, etc., we have you covered.
Upskill your team and prepare them better for their daily challenges with the best professionals.

MTMM Structure

In order to deliver the best MTMM programs with the highest quality:
  • Flexible times and number of sessions..
  • Students undergo a 15 min interview before starting the mentoring programs to better understand what their goal and needs are and start tailoring contents to fit to their needs.
  • Mentoring programs follow a structured path flexible enough to allow mentors to add points they believe will help students to get to their goals.

Mentoring Programs


The Art of Subtitling
and Captioning

Kelly will guide you in acquiring complete knowledge and gaining mastery in subtitling and captioning in this mentoring program.
The 1:1 live sessions include lectures with a variety of content where you will have the opportunity to put your practical knowledge into real projects.
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  • 60 minute sessions with Kelly.
  • Personal tuition and feedback.
  •  Flexible meeting times.
  •  Real life audio-visual projects.
  •  In English.

SEO Marketing Localization

Alfonso will guide you to master the skills needed to become an expert in SEO Marketing Localization in this MTM Mentoring Program.
The 1:1 live sessions include lectures with rich real life activities where you will have the opportunity to put into practice all that you learn.

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  • 60 minute sessions with Alfonso.
  • Personal tuition and feedback.
  • Master classes with other SEO experts.
  •  Flexible meeting times.
  •  Real life SEO examples.
  •  In English and/or Spanish (your choice).

Medical Translation

Pablo has worked for more than 35 years as a medical translator and more than 10 teaching medical translation. 
As a mentor, he will guide you to acquire the skills needed in conventional medical translation and/or in more modern medical fields (immunology, genetics, epidemiology, etc.).
The 1:1 live sessions are focused on working on real projects, giving you feedback about your translations, and lectures to help you acquire the skills needed to become an excelent medical translator.
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  • 90 minute sessions with Pablo.
  • Personal tuition and feedback.
  •  Flexible meeting times.
  •  Real life medical projects.
  •  In Spanish.

Meet our Mentors

Kelly O'Donovan

Specialist in Audiovisual Translation
and Entrepreneur
About kELLY
Kelly has more than 13 years of experience working in the audio-visual industry.
Previously a language teacher and Operations Manager of an international subtitling agency, but most notably the creator of GOSUB, online audio-visual courses.
Kelly currently works as an online teacher and mentor to businesses and students around the world.

Alfonso González

Senior Localization Manager at Pathwire
CEO at TranslaStars
Besides being the founder of TranslaStars, Alfonso is a multifaceted professional with more than 20 years experience who has developed his professional career as a translator, translation manager, and university teacher.
As a translator he has excelled in the translation of European and international standards, scientific texts, audiovisual projects, and marketing content.
He currently works as Senior Localization Manager in Germany for Pathwire (where he has created the localization department for more than 9 languages and developed the current translation workflow). 

Pablo Mugüerza

Doctor Specialized in Medical Translation
Pablo has more than 35 years of experience working in the medical translation industry and has spent more than 10 years teaching medical translation all over the world.
He is also the author of books and articles on the topic and is a respected and well known professional around the world.
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