You and your training, first

You are at the center of our work.

courses, training, live streamings, guides and resources revolve around your needs.

TranslaStars is made up of professionals who work to provide you with continuous training in the field of translation and related subjects.
Image from our Italian Pride Month campaign in defense of inclusivity.


Inclusivity is one of our raisons d'être. We believe in it out of moral and personal convictions.

We are committed to dialogue and understanding and we do not tolerate injustice or intolerance.

As proof of this, since 2022, our logo has changed forever (and not only during Pride month) to wear the colors of the LGTBIQ+ community as a symbol of our identity and our desire to make everyone feel loved and part of our community.

Commitment, solidarity

Words without actions are worthless.
Our values are reflected in actions, our words in deeds:

Honesty and transparency

We learn and improve. We are not perfect people, but we are honest.

We accept you as you are, we accept each other as we are, with our virtues and our defects.

We do not judge, nor prejudge.

We welcome professionals and collaborators from all over the world to our family.

We pay our collaborators immediately. We refund the cost of a course if it does not meet expectations.

Collaboration and professionalism

We open the doors of our platforms so that professionals from all over the world can collaborate with us.

We establish agreements with associations and companies so that their members can benefit from significant discounts.

We offer free talks in associations and collaborate in free mentoring plans.
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