AI and Innovation for Localization (I Edition)

The First Master in AI and Innovation for Language Professionals

Welcome to the Master’s Program in AI and Innovation for Localization.
This live online program is designed to equip language professionals with cutting-edge AI tools and techniques to enhance their localization, translation, and content creation skills.
Over the course of three months, participants will engage in live online sessions, practical workshops, and collaborative projects to deepen their understanding of AI applications in the localization industry.

The Answer to Language Professionals Needs

Why this master?
Over 90% of global enterprises already have plans to leverage AIAnd 47% see productivity as the leading benefit of generative AI for both internal and external use cases.
Incorporating knowledge of AI tools and solutions is now a must for language professionals if they want to succeed in the modern translation and localization industry.
This master presents professionals with a complete understanding of AI and its possible applications in translation, content creation, audiovisual projects, project and localization management tasks and much more.

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  • This course includes:
  • Expert coaches
     Ekaterina Chashnikova, AI and GenAI Specialist
     Morana Peric, Head of Localization at DeepL
     Miguel Sepúlveda, Gloablization Director at King 
     Alfonso González, Localization Manager at Sinch
     Julio Leal, Localization Manager at Spendesk
     Nicola Calabrese, Manager at Undertow

    And more to be announced
  •  Live activities
  •  Life access to contents 
  •   Downloadable course program
  •  In English
  •  Completion certificate
  •  Money back guarantee
  • Acquire A-Z knowledge on AI and innovation for localization
  • Duration: 120 h approx.
  • When: 3 February to 25 April 2025 (2 h/day) at 18.00 CET

Master Description

Unlock the future of localization with the cutting-edge Master in Artificial Intelligence & Innovation in Localization. This comprehensive program is designed for language professionals who seek to revolutionize the localization industry through the power of AI. This course equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to harness artificial intelligence, driving innovation and excellence in localization practices.

Join now and acquire new skills on these fields:

AI Fundamentals in Localization:
Gain a deep understanding of artificial intelligence principles and their applications within the localization industryExplore the transformative impact of AI on traditional localization workflows.

Machine Learning Techniques:
Learn to implement machine learning models to automate and enhance translation processes.

Natural Language Processing (NLP):
Master the essentials of NLP and its pivotal role in developing advanced localization tools.
Analyze and process large datasets of multilingual content efficiently.

Innovative Localization Strategies:
Discover innovative approaches and strategies to optimize localization efforts using AI.

Hands-On Projects and Practical Experience

Engage in practical, hands-on projects to apply AI techniques in real localization scenarios.
Collaborate on team projects that simulate industry-standard practices and challenges.

Ethics and Best Practices:
Examine the ethical considerations and best practices in deploying AI in localization.
Ensure responsible and fair use of AI technologies in global communication.

Industry Tools and Technologies:
Get acquainted with the latest AI tools and platforms used in the localization industry. Gain proficiency in software that enhances translation quality and efficiency.

Expert Instructors and Networking Opportunities
Learn from industry-leading experts with extensive experience in AI and localization. Build a professional network with peers and mentors who share your passion for innovation.

By the end of this program, you will be equipped with the expertise to lead AI-driven localization projects, driving efficiency and quality in global communications.

Ready to take your career to new heights? Enroll now and open a world of opportunities in AI, innovation and localization.

Master in AI and Innovation for Localization - Master Sessions

Module 1 - Intro to AI
Module 2 - AI & Localization
Module 3 - AI & Content Creation
Module 4 - AI Tools for Localization
MODULE 1 - Intro TO AI

Intro to AI

Module 1

1.1 Welcome and Program Overview

1.2 Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

1.3 Overview of Language Models: GPT-3, GPT-4, and Beyond

1.4 Understanding Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT)

1.5 MT vs LLM

AI and Localization

Module 2

2.1 Practical Applications of GPT in Localization
2.1.1 Localizing product descriptions, user reviews, and support

2.2 Case Studies: Successful Implementation of GPT in Language Services

2.3 Machine Translation and Its Evolution

2.4 Term Extraction with AI

2.5 Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) Using AI

2.6 Post-Editing Machine Translation Output
2.6.1 Strategies for effective post-editing
2.6.2 Balancing AI outputs with human expertise

2.7 Applications in localization and content creation.
2.7.1 Adjustments in tone of voice Mitigation of gender bias Incorporation of domain specific terminology

AI Tools for Localization

Session 2

4.1 Introduction to AI Tools for Language Professionals

4.2 ElevenLabs, Syntehsia and HeyGen

4.3 DeepL for Translation

4.4 Jasper and Writesonic for Content Creation

4.5 Combining Multiple AI Tools for Enhanced Workflow

4.6 Collaborative Project: Creating a Multilingual Campaign Using AI Tools

AI and Content Creation

Module 3

3.1 Prompt Engineering for Effective Text Creation
3.1.1 Crafting effective prompts for AI-generated content
3.1.2 Enhancing creativity and accuracy in AI outputs

3.2 AI-Driven Content Generation

3.3 Creating Multilingual Social Media Content with AI

3.4 Case Studies and Best Practices

3.5 Practical Workshop: Crafting Prompts for Multilingual Content
Module 5 - AI for Project and Localization Managers
Module 6 - AI & SEO/SEA Localization
Module 7 - Strategic Use of AI in Localization
MODULE 5: AI for Project and Localization Managers

AI for Project and Localization Managers

Module 1

5.1 Leveraging big data for efficient localization.
5.1.1 Predictive analytics and optimized workflows.
MODULE 6: AI & SEO/SEA Localization

AI & SEO/SEA Localization

Session 2

6.1 Introduction to SEO and Its Importance in Localization

6.2 SEO Optimizing Content with AI Tools

6.3 Workshop: Practical SEO Strategies

6.4 Understanding AI Search Engines (ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, etc.)

6.5 Techniques for Enhancing Content Visibility in AI Searches

6.6 Real-World Applications and Case Studies
MODULE 7: Strategic Use of AI in Localization

Strategic Use of AI in Localization

Session 2

7.1 Strategies for Integrating AI into Daily Localization Tasks

7.2 Overcoming Challenges and Maximizing Efficiency

7.3 Workshop: Developing AI-Driven Workflow Plans
The master program may undergo changes to mpodify or include new contents or to adapt to the master tutors.

Team Leading the Master

Morana Peric

Head of Localization at DeepL
Morana is a Croatian-born Berlin-based localization, content and UX leader.
She has spent the past 10 years working as a manager and leader in the tech industry, building up localisation, content and UX teams and processes, working on lean and efficient workflows and implementing the last techniques in AI to localization.
She loves to talk about why building products with great user experience is important and what good localization really means, how to promote more clarity and vulnerability in management, women in leadership and how to apply systems thinking and holistic approach to grow yourself and your business.
As part of a cutting-edge company in technology, she implements AI, MT on a daily basis in her strategies and on translation projects.

Miguel Sepúlveda

Globalization Director at King (Microsoft)
Being the Globalization Director at King, Miguel is in charge of the internationalization and localization strategies for this video game company part of Microsoft.
Miguel implements and uses AI in management and different localization tasks to improve productivity, efficiency and quality.
Apart from that, Miguel also contributes to the translation management community with his mass followed blog "Yo localizo" (it is a must for all project, translation and localization managers and even more if you are in the videogame industry).

Ekaterina Chashnikova

Trainer and evaluator of generative AI tools
Ekaterina has an in-depth knowledge of AI since she started working as a trainer and evaluator of generative AI tools
She has moderated a medical writing track at a ChatGPT hackathon in April 2023 and continues to explore practical uses of LLMs in translation and localization
She is also a pharmacist and a medical writer and translator. 


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