Clinical Trials Explained for Translators (I Edition)

With global clinical trial market growing every year, the demand for quality translation and qualified human linguists has never been higher.

Translation is a crucial part of any multinational clinical trials, and the need for these trials is only growing. Modern translation technologies and advances in AI are not replacing human translators but are rather enabling researchers conduct more multinational clinical trials and make the patient-oriented communication more comprehensive and comfortable.
While many courses and books are available that will tell you everything about clinical trials, it is important to understand this area from a translator’s perspective.

This course will empower you to:
  • break into clinical trial translation market,
  • offer your services to contract research organizations and other direct clients,
  • plan CPD in this area,
  • grow and thrive professionally.

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  • This course includes:
  • Expert coach:
    Ekaterina Chashnikova, pharmacist, medical translator and writer with over 15 years of experience.
    Teaching medical translation since 2015.
    Ekaterina delivered webinars about clinical trials in Alliance Pro School of Specialized Translators in 2015-2020.
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  • Acquire A-Z knowledge for translating clinical trial documents
  • Duration: 10 h approx.

Course and coach description

This online course serves as a gateway into the thriving market of multinational clinical trials, teaching you all essential aspects of study design, clinical trial documents and regulations, and equipping you with trusted terminology resources and options for deeper studies in this field.

Guided by Ekaterina, an expert medical translator, you'll navigate through five comprehensive lessons and build a solid foundation for a career in clinical trial translations.

This course consists of 5 lessons:
- Intro: types of clinical studies
- GCP and other regulations as resources for translators
- Clinical study documents for investigators
- Patient-oriented documents
- Data analysis and processing in clinical trials
All sessions include short exercises to test your knowledge and Q&A.

Ekaterina will help you build a solid foundation for specializing in clinical trials, recommend additional educational resources to help you dive deeper into the topic, and provide trusted multilingual terminology resources for translation.

Ready to take your career to new heights? Enroll now and open a world of opportunities in clinical trials.
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 1

Intro: types of clinical studies and regulations

By Ekaterina Chashnikova

Session 1

1.1 What is a clinical study? Or is it a clinical trial?
1.2 Involved parties
1.3 Study design
1.4 Regulations
Q&A Session
Session 2

GCP and other regulations as resources for translators

By Ekaterina Chashnikova

Session 2

2.1 GCP
2.2 Declaration of Helsinki
2.3 Other regulations
2.4 & other databases
2.5 Glossaries and other resources for translators
Q&A Session
Session 3

Clinical study documents for investigators

By Ekaterina Chashnikova

Session 3

3.1 Clinical study protocol: purpose and main sections
3.2 Clinical study report: purpose and main sections
3.3 Investigator's brochure
3.4 Other documents for study personnel
Q&A Session
Session 4

Patient-oriented documents

By Ekaterina Chashnikova

Session 4

4.1 ICF & Patient Information Leaflet
4.2 Diaries
4.3 PROs
4.4 Patient card
4.5 Brochures
Q&A Session
Session 5

Data analysis and processing in clinical trials

By Ekaterina Chashnikova

Session 5

5.1 Statistical analysis
5.2 Confidentiality and processing of personal data
Q&A Session

Ekaterina Chashnikova

Ekaterina is a medical translator for the combination English-Russian and a medical writer.

At the 4th year of pharmacy school, she started translating medical publications to earn some money and fell in love with translation. She later studied linguistics and translation in a 2-year university program for specialized translators.

She worked for 2,5 years as a project manager in translation agencies and became a freelancer by the end of 2010. She currently works as a writer in a medical communications agency and as a translator for pharmaceutical companies and translation agencies.

Ekaterina moderated a medical writing track at a ChatGPT hackathon in April 2023 and continues to explore and find practical uses of LLMs.

Over the years, she spoke at translation conferences and kept a blog about medical and pharmaceutical translation. She continues sharing her knowledge and expertise and is building a community of medical translators and writers around, a hub of internet resources and knowledge.

Last but not least, Ekaterina does volunteer translations and revisions for “Future actually”.
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