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Here you can find the answer to some common support questions. Contact us in case you have any doubt that is not answered here.

Live courses (webinars, bootcamps, expert courses)

How do I access a live session (webinar, bootcamp, expert course)?

In order to access a live course or a live session of a course you need to do the following:
- sign up on the platform where the course will take place,
- look for the course card on your start page, 
- click on the course card and enter the course contents,
- go to the session or unit you want to attend live and click on it.

Will you send me a link to the live sessions?

We do not send links to live sessions for security reasons.

Are live courses recorded?

All our live courses are recorded and you can have access the recording version a few hours after the course has taken place. 
You will be able to see the recorded sessions as many times as you want without any time limits.


Can I change to a superior plan?

 Of course. Email us asking for the change and we will send you the steps you need to follow.

Do I have to pay more to change to a superior plan?

When you change to a superior plan, you need to pay the difference between what you paid and the price of the plan you want to get.

How can I cancel a subscription?

In order to cancel a subscription from one of our plans, follow these steps:
1. Log into your school (TranslaStars.es, .it, .com) and access your "Account" ("Cuenta" in the Spanish version) you can find under "My TranslaStars" ("Mi TranslaStars" in the Spanish version) dropdown menu.
2. On this page, you will find a "Cancel Subscription" button.
3. When clicked, a pop-up message will appear for confirmation.
4. If you proceed, then your "Account" page will display a button for the optional reactivation of the same subscription plan.

Can you cancel my subscription for me?

Sure, we can do that for you. Just email us asking us to do it for you.
Take into account that if we are the ones cancelling your account, all your current courses part of your payment cycle will be lost.

Do I get a refund when I cancel my subscription after it has been renewed?

As per our terms and conditions that you have read,understood and accepted, no refund is made if you did not cancel your susbcription before it was renewed.
The only reason for a refund would be an error in our system charging you afetr you had cancelled the subscription.

Invoicing/Money back guarantee

Can I get my money back if I do not like a course?

We allow you to take the first three units of any course (within 14 days) without obligation (third unit included). If upon completion of the third unit (or earlier) of the course you have chosen, its structure and contents do not match your interests, just send us an email to info@translastars.com explaining the reason and we will refund you the course fee.
Please, take into account that we retain a 10% of the price you have paid to cover the expenses related to the use of the payment platforms.

How long does it take to get my money back from a refund?

- If you paid via PayPal it is immediate.
- If you paid by credit card, it can take between 5 to 10 days to see your money back in your account.

Where can I see the invoice of a course or plan I have paid for?

You can find fully detailed invoices for all the products you have purchased on your "Account" page, which you can find under "My TranslaStars" ("Mi TranslaStars" in the Spanish version) dropdown menu, or in your email inbox attached to the email notifications.

Courses/Plans purchased

I can't see a course/plan I purchased

In case you cannot see a course/plan you have purchased, follow these steps.
1. Check you are logged in.
2. Check the platform where you are logged in is the one you have purchased the course. We have three platforms (.ES, .IT and :COM) and they work independently from each other (for example, that means you won't see a course you bought onTranslaStars.ES on TranslaStars.COM).
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