Ekaterina Chashnikova

Medical translator and writer
Ekaterina is a medical translator for the combination English-Russian and a medical writer.
At the 4th year of pharmacy school, she started translating medical publications to earn some money and fell in love with translation. She later studied linguistics and translation in a 2-year university program for specialized translators.
She worked for 2,5 years as a project manager in translation agencies and became a freelancer by the end of 2010. She currently works as a writer in a medical communications agency and as a translator for pharmaceutical companies and translation agencies.
Ekaterina moderated a medical writing track at a ChatGPT hackathon in April 2023 and continues to explore and find practical uses of LLMs.
Over the years, she spoke at translation conferences and kept a blog about medical and pharmaceutical translation. She continues sharing her knowledge and expertise and is building a community of medical translators and writers around mymedpharm.info, a hub of internet resources and knowledge.
Last but not least, Ekaterina does volunteer translations and revisions for “Future actually”.
Ekaterina has created a course where she brings all her experience as a translator and writer.
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