Writing for Localization. Localizing Copy

Do you create content that needs to be localized?
Do you localize copy (content) created by copywriters?
Are you a copywriter/translator who wants a better understanding of the localization/copywriting workflow?

Then this webinar is for you.

Alfonso will guide you through how to prepare content that can be easily localizedcategorize/identify copy (ads, blogposts, web content, etc.), overcome the main challenges of localizing copy (keywords, target audience, voice, tone, tags, etc.), edit localized content (correct treatment of phrase units, widow words/lines, translation of headings, correct use of upper and lower case, etc.), and much more.

You will get the skills you need to succeed in one of the most demanding and fastest growing fields of expertise, and you will be prepared to work for a wide range of clients.

All of that with some interesting real-life examples and short activities during the webinar.

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  • This webinar includes:
  •  Expert panellist: Alfonso González, Senior Localization Manager at Pathwire
  •  Live activities
  •  Q&A session and in-webinar text-chat
  •  Lifetime access to the webinar and extra contents
  •  In English
  •  Completion certificate
  • When? Enjoy now the recording of this webinar that took place on 1 April 2021
  • Webinar duration: 120 min (approximately)
  • Downloadable webinar program
  • Access the online webinar signing in our platform and going to the webinar page. No links to Zoom are sent.

Webinar and panellist description

Do you want your copy to flow in other languages?

Copywriting is the art of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. In a globalized world, copy (written content) needs to be localized in order for it to reach target markets. Copywriters and translators need to understand each other's needs to achieve the best results and streamline their workflow

In this webinar via Zoom, Alfonso will offer the best advice for copywriters and translators to establish a clockwork workflow using real life examples based on his experience in the industry.

Alfonso González has more than 20 years' experience managing all types of translation projects. In his position as localization manager, he deals with more than 2000 projects every year related to marketing, support, and software in more than 10 languages.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is addressed to everyone who is interested in copywrting, localization, marketing, or translation, and who specifically wants to know more about:
  • how to prepare content that can be easily localized,
  • how to identify and categorize different types of copy (ads, blogposts, web content, etc.)
  • main challenges of localizing copy (keywords, character limitation, target audience, voice, tone, tags, measurement units, figures, etc.)
  • editing localized copy: treatment of phrase units, widow words/lines, translation of headings, use of upper and lower case, etc.

The webinar will be delivered in English and the skills you will gain can be applied to translation in any language combination.

Webinar delivery

The webinar is divided into different parts covering the most important aspects to localize copy and write content for localization.
There is also a short introduction on copywriting and localization.
The localization of copy and the creation of copy for localization will be dealt with possible solution approaches, practical tips, and real life examples.
There will be also time for short activities and a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
The webinar will be recorded and you will be granted lifetime access to the recording and extra contents.

If you want to attend the live session, we recommend you to access the webinar via the webinar page on our platform.


Linguistic skills:
  • A good English level is required.

IT resources:
  • A computer with speakers as well as a stable internet connection are necessary.
  • A Zoom account.

  • You can attend this meeting live on 01/04/2021 (April) at 18.00 CET (for 90 min approx.) from wherever you want.
  • Life access to the recording of the webinar and extra contents when you acquire your place.

Alfonso González

Besides being the founder of TranslaStars, Alfonso is a multifaceted professional who has developed his professional career as a translator, translation manager, and university teacher.

As a translator he has excelled in the translation of European and international standards,  scientific texts, audiovisual projects, and marketing content.

He has founded and co-founded several companies and currently works as a translation manager in Germany for Formlabs (where he has created the translation department for more than 15 languages and developed the current translation workflow). 
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