1st EDITION HOMEPAGE (February - March 2024)

Welcome to the WiT!

Ready to demonstrate you are the best in translation?
in a final prize of up to €2,500 and other prizes worth more than €10,000.
Championship starts on 4th February 2024

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How Does the Championship Work?

All the Championship will be live streamed on TranslaStars Twitch channel in English. Your host will be Alfonso González.
It is piece of cake:
  • Answer 6 fun questions about translation & culture.
  • Use our dedicated platform to participate (via smartphone or computer).
  • Registered teams are added to a Slack channel where you will get the codes to access the First Battle Royale. 
  • Emails will be sent to participants to take part in other rounds (check your spam folder!).

Championship starts on 4th February 20241

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Do not miss any of the rounds! Add them to your calendar!

4 Feb-WiT Presentation-22.00 CET
11 Feb-WiT Battle Royale-22.00 CET
18 Feb-WiT Round of 16-20.00 CET
25 Feb-Quarter Finals-20.00 CET
2 Mar - WiT Semi Finals - 20.00 CET
3 Mar - WiT Final- 20.00 CET
Click on each of the images to see more information about each event,
the teams competing in each round and the recordings from previous events.
WiT Basic Rules
WiT Prizes
WiT Terms & Conditions
WiT Type of Questions

Have Fun, Learn and Win!

From 1 to 4 People Teams

You can go solo or with up to 4 people. The important thing is to have fun.

Answer 6 Questions

We have created different type of questions with different degrees of difficulty. Having friends with knowledge in many languages will be an advantage  .

Make your Friends Support Your Team and the Country You Represent

Exceptional video experiences with transcripts, quizzes, and tables of contents.

Prizes for the Champion, Participants and Twitch Channel Subscribers

€2,500 Prize for the Champion

€2,500 cash prize for the team becoming the WiT champion.

Prizes for Teams in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Positions

Teams in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position will get a 1 year free Premium Plan worth more than €10,000.

Prizes for TranslaStars' Twitch Channel Subscribers

There are also three €100 prizes for TranslaStars' Twitch channel subscribers attending the championship during the live streams.

The Legal Side of the Championship

Terms and Conditions

We have tried to make terms and conditions as clear as possible. Remember to read and accept them if you are going to participate in the championship.

Accepting Terms and Conditions

It is compulsory to accept WiT Terms and Conditions in the Registration Form.

Learning Experiences you will fall in love with

Do I have to buy a TranslaStars course/plan to participate?

No, participation is free and open to all.

Can I represent my company?

Yes, that is perfectly ok. Please, ask permission first to your company or institution you are representing in case you want to use their name.

Is the cash prize per person in the team?

The €2,500 cash prize is for the team, not for each individual in the team.

6 Fun Type of Questions!

What is the questions format?

5 out of the 6 questions are closed with correct and wrong answers. 1 question is open and the best answer will be chosen by the audience.

Answer 6 Questions

We have different types of questions with different degrees of difficulty. Having friends with knowledge in many languages will be an advantage  .

Can I See Questions & Answers in Advance?

You can purchase a pass to see some of the questions and answers in each round (from Battle Royale II) and increase your chances to win.

Buy Questions, Answers & More

Increase your chances to win other teams by getting access before the rest to the questions and answers.

Do you want to skip the first Battle Royale Round or go directly to the Round of 16? Buy your place now!
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Prize for the Winning Team*
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Register your team now!

Team up with your besties and compete to win up to €2500!
This is the only you need to register your team:
  • Choose a country you want to represent
  • Choose a name for your team
  • Prepare a team from 1 to 4 people with diverse linguistic skills
Registration closed on 1st February 2024.
This champioship is open to all and free.
o need to sign up on any TranslaStars courses or platforms to participate.
Read the full WiT Terms and Conditions and WiT Rules for more information.
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