WiT Rules!

We rule and here you have our rules so you know how everything works.
Please, take into account that we may need to change the rules to adapt to your, the Championship or TranslaStar's needs or technical challenges. We will keep you updated in cae we do so.
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Team People

Teams can be from 1 up to 4 people.
Anyone can participate (individuals, companies, organizations...) from any part of the world.



As this is the World Championship in Translation, you need to choose the country you are representing. It needs to be an officialy recognised country.
In order to represent a country, at least 1 of the persons in your team needs to be a national of that country.
Teams can be made up of people with different nationalities.



Your team needs to be available at the time the WiT games will take place.
In case a team was not present during any round, it would be disqualified and (in case of rounds from Round of 16) the other team would automatically become the winner.


Team Name

You need to choose an original name for your team.
It cannot be an existing name of a team, the name (alone) of the country you represent and its use cannot have any political or legal implications. 
Names cannot attempt against the dignity of people, companies, states, etc.
Names need to be in Roman alphabet.
Names can be partially made of brands or organizations' names if you are authorised to use them. Please note we don't check any permissions you may have and you will solely held accountable of amisuse of a brand or registered name.


Team Logo

You can optionally create a logo/shield/coats of arms/brand image for your team.
You can use Canva, for example, to create it.


Team Place

You can get your place in the final Round of 16 or Quarter Finals by competing in the Battle Royale rounds or buying your place for the Round of 16 or Quarter Finals (those buying their place will be contacted by the WiT organization when the date of the round approaches).


Spokeperson/Team Captain

You need to choose a spokeperson or team captain for your team. It is the person the WiT organization will get in touch with if your team goes to the Round of 16 and beyond.


6 Types of Questions

There are 6 types of questions that teams will need to answer correctly. You can see more information about the type of questions in the WiT Type of Questions page.
Correct answers are also matched with the time to answer them. The sooner you give a correct answer, the better for your team.


Closed Questions & "Social Support" Question

All questions are closed (you will have to choose the correct answer) except the "Social Support" question type.
The Social Support question will be based on the support a team gets onour Twitch channel via a poll in which they will have to choose the best answer from those given by the 2 teams competing.


How to Play?

Once you have registered your team, you will be added to a Slack channel where you will be given more information to access the WiT platform for the I Battle Royale round.
For the II Battle Royale Round and beyond, the WiT organization will get intouch with your team to send you the code to play in the game platform.


Battle Royale

In the Battle Royale rounds, you compete against all the other teams. The best 300 will go to Battle Royale II.
Battle Royale I will start on 4 February and it will be possible to deliver answers until 10 February.
Battle Royale II (and successive rounds will all happen live and you will be given a specific short time to answer the questions during the live stream).


Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semifinals and Final

Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semifinals and Final are rounds where we will have different set of questions for each team match.
We will announce the teams participating in these rounds in the WiT homepage and calendar page.
Each match will be played live and will have a short duration. The matches will be live streamed.



There is a €2,500 prize for the team becoming champion. The prize is for the team and not €2,500 per individual in the team.
Teams in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position will get a 1 year free Premium Plan worth more than €40,000 or a 70% discount in our Forever Plan.
Participants need to contact TranslaStars to claim their prizes.
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