WiT Terms and Conditions

Please, take into account that we may need to change the terms and conditions to adapt to your, the Championship or TranslaStar's needs or technical challenges. We will keep you updated in case we do so.
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Updated: 14/12/2023

Conditions for the participation in the World Championship in Translation (WiT)


The main objective of TranslaStars with the World Championship in Translation is putting the focus on the value translation and language knowledge have for us all.
We approach this championship in a fun and playful way and we welcome all individuals to participate.

Your personal data is stored at the TranslaStars headquarters at Calle Virgen de la Cabeza 9, Estepona, Málaga. You have the right to access, modify, delete, or update your data by contacting TranslaStars at

Any person who participates in the WiT agrees to comply with each of the points set out in this document and declares to have read, understood, and accepted them.


1. WiT participants have the right to abandon the championship whenever they want without any compensation to TranslaStars. 

2. WiT participants have the right to share in their social media profiles images and videos from WiT.

3. TranslaStars has the right to cancel the WiT championship at any moment without prior notice to the participants if it could cause any type of harm or prejudice to the business. In case the championship was cancelled, there are no financial obligations for TranslaStars with participants.

4. TranslaStars has the right to use the images from the championship and the participants in all the channels and media where TranslaStars is present.


Participants must respect the rules of fair play and behave in a proper way without offending other participants, TranslaStars or tha WiT organization during the whole duration of the championship. TranslaStars reserves the right to send out of the competition those participants who do not have a correct behaviour or who post comments that could harm any participant in any way. In case of being sent out of the competition, TranslaStars has no financial obligation towards those participants and no compensation of any type can be claimed.

Image rights

1. All image rights from the live streams or videos sent by WiT participants become property of TranslaStars. 

2. TranslaStars is not obliged to compensate economically any of the participants in the WiT championship for their participation except those who become champions in the competition.
All names and logos used by WiT participants become property of TranslaStars (except for registered trademarks, names of well known institutions, country names and similar cases).



1. Prizes will be awarded to WiT participants ending in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th as specified in the WiT rules.
2. The €2500 cash prize will be paid in 4 rates in the following 4 months (€625/month) after the end of the WiT championship.
3. TranslaStars reserves the right to change the cash prize for another type of prize with the same value or higher in case it was necessary. 
The €2500 prize will be graned to the team that becomes champion and gets at least 5 questions right in every round. In case there is no team making 5 questions right in every round, the maximum cash prize for the champion team will be €1000 and a Premium Plan Subscription to TranslaStars (valued in more than €40,000).
Participants need to contact TranslaStars to claim their prize.



1. Refunds from purchases of WiT products are not possible (as they are tokens to be used during or before the fame).



1. TranslaStars has the right to modify the points in this document without prior notice to participants enrolled in the WiT.
TranslaStars is not responsible for the comments or publications of WiT participants.
3. TranslaStars is not responsible for the use of names or logos of WiT participants.


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