Become a WiT Sponsor!

There are many advantages associated with becoming a sponsor:
  • Visibility for your brand, products & services
  • Positive brand perception in the community
  • Unparalleled reach to a segmented follow base
Discover the different sponsorship opportunities available and contact us for more information and pricing.
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Sponsorship Opportunities

We have designed different sponsorship opportunities tailored to your company needs and budget.

Main WiT Sponsor

WiT I Edition Main Sponsor includes:
  • Big logo with hyperlink to sponsor page on WiT main page
  • Brand distinguished as WiT Main Sponsor
  • Mentioning the sponsor during live stream
  • Brand on WiT Twitch Overlay
  • Logo on WiT Countdown
  • Logo on WiT cards and official images
  • Brand page on site

Product/Service Placement

Show your product/service during the WiT live streams. This includes:
  • Product/Service shown during live stream
  • Brand in the background during live stream (physical element)

Question Sponsor

Sponsor one of our type of questions with your brand for a specific round or for all of them. This includes:
  • Mention of the brand sponsoring the question during live stream
  • Brand logo in the question

Supporting Sponsor

Become a Supporting Sponsor, the one that makes possible everything works behind the curtains:
  • Small logo on WiT main page
  • Brand distinguished as WiT Supporting Sponsor

Countdown Sponsor

Make your brand visible during the 10 minute countdown before a WiT round starts.
  • Brand logo on WiT countdown

Championship Sponsor

Name the Championship after your Brand or Product (e.g. The TranslaStars WiT).
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