Type of Questions

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6 Types of Questions

And only 30 seconds to answer them!


Word Chain

Choose the right chain of words.
Words in different languages that share something in common.

Language Knowledge

You think you know all about languages? Show your wisdom answering our fun questions about language and culture.

Identify the Language

How many languages do you know?
We will share with you several words and you will have to identify the language in which they are written/talked.

AI or Human?

Who has created this translation, a human or AI?
That is what you will have to guess looking at quality, style, voice, tone...

Videogames, Movies & Books

We love videogames, movies and books and the way they are translated to get to a wider audience.
Answer questions related to titles, characters, challenges and more.

WiT & Social Support!

Show the support you have from your fanbase, friends, colleagues...
This is the only open question in which you will have to translate, localize or transcreate content and the team with the highest support wins.

Examples of Questions

These are examples of the 6 typeof questions you will find in the championship


Word Chain

Which of the following series has four correct translations for “butterfly”?
o Petaloúda (Greek), kelebek (Turkish), chou (Japanese), marsopa (Spanish is wrong)
o Fiðrildi (Icelandish), titalee (Hindi), farfalla (Italian), mabi (Korean is wrong)
o Drugelis (Lithuanian), papilio (Latin), kupu-kupu (Malaysian), matelyk (Ucrainian is wrong)
o Borboleta (Portuguese) , féileacán (Irish), kipepeo (Swahili), panambi (Guarani)


Language Knowledge

Most of the languages we know are written top to bottom but...
There have been a handful of known languages written bottom to top. Which of the following languages is written bottom to top?
o Hanunoo (correct, indigenous to the Philippines)
o Comanche
o Manding
o Norn


Identify the Language

In which of these languages does the word “pies” not exist?
o Spanish (feet)
o French (magpies)
o Polish (dog)
o Turkish (nothing)


AI or Human

Who created this translation: human or AI?
Now I want to use something liberally with you, and that is that we both eat this bunch of grapes and that you have as much of it as I do. Partillo we have this way: you will bite once and I will another, as long as you promise not to take more than one grape each time. I willdo the same until we finish it, and this way there will be no deception.
AI translation of a 
passage of el Lazarillo de Tormes.


Videogames, Movies, Books

Movie titles can be translated in very different ways. Which of the following is NOT a literal back translation of the movie “Despicable me”?
o My favourite villain (LATAM)
o Me, ugly and mean (France)
o The mischief itself (Suomi)
o How to rule the world (Invented)


WiT & Social Support!

Propose a transcreation for the main statement in the following ad.
Sauce ad in Spanish reading "Tu comida se va a poner más buena"

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