Alfonso González

Translator, translation manager, businessman, and head of TranslaStars
About Alfonso
Besides being the founder of TranslaStars, Alfonso is a multifaceted professional who has developed his professional career as a translator, translation manager, and university professor. 
As a translator he has excelled in the translation of European and international standards, scientific texts, audiovisual projects, and marketing content. 
He has founded and co-founded several companies and currently works as a translation manager in Germany for Pathwire (where he has created the localization department for more than 9 languages and developed the current translation workflow). 
He also holds several master's degrees in education, translation and international business management.
In addition, he is passionate about history, movies, arcade games, loves to travel, attend concerts and sporting events, and spend time with his wife, daughter, friends and family.
COUrses And WEBINARS created by ALFONSO
Alfonso has created a number of courses (available also on the Spanish site) as well as expert courses, webinars and bootcamps where he brings all his experience as a translation manager, marketing translator and SEO/SEA expert.
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