SEO Localization Talks

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SEO Localization Talks for markteing and general translators is a live broadcast hosted by Alfonso González on the third Wednesday of every month at 18:00 CET (approx. 60 mins).

Each session kicks off with a short intro to an important topic in SEO localization (such as, for example, the localization of slugs, CTA localization, etc.) and there will be expert guests talking on SEO localization.

Alfonso and/or his guests will then take questions from attendees on both the topic(s) discussed and any other SEO localization challneges they may be facing.

All sessions can be accessed free of charge via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (recordings will be uploaded to our platform, our podcast, and YouTube after the live sessions).
  • SEO Localization Talks includes:
  • Expert speaker: Alfonso González, Localization Manager at Pathwire and CEO at TranslaStars
  • Q&A session and live chat
  • Free access via TranslaStars' social media channels and TranslaStars.COM
  • When? Third Wednesday of every month (18.00 CET).
  • Duration: 60 min per session (approx.).

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SEO Localization Talks

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Start date

20 April, Wednesday




1 hour,
on Tuesdays


Talks Schedule

Talks take place on third Wednesdays of every month (starting 20 April).

Talks start at 18:00 CET and it is completely free of charge.

You can follow us live on our social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn) or see a recorded version on the TranslaStars platform. 

Put your questions to Alfonso in the live chat. All 
sessions will be recorded and made available on our website and YouTube channel.

Dates and topics:
20 April: SEO, SEA, typical localization problems and solutions.
18 May: Metadata localization.
21 June: CTA localization.

Alfonso González

Besides being the founder of TranslaStars, Alfonso is a multifaceted professional who has developed his professional career as a translator, translation manager, and university teacher.

As a translator he has excelled in the translation of European and international standards,  scientific texts, audiovisual projects, and marketing content.

He has founded and co-founded several companies and currently works as a translation manager in Germany for Formlabs (where he has created the translation department for more than 15 languages and developed the current translation workflow). 
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