MTMM: Conference Interpreting 

In today’s ever-growing and fast-changing international landscape, the role of Conference Interpreting has never been as vital as it is nowadays. 

From international congresses and international trade relations between companies, to high-level institutional meetings. The interpreter has the crutial role of acting as a link between two ways of seeing the world

From one to one questions with the mentor and exploring the different training tools, to career option’s advice and hours of personal feedback in the different interpreting modalities. If you, like Laura, have always dreamt of working in national and international multilingual environments in both the private and public sector, conference interpreting is a match for you! 

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  • Features of the Mentoring Program:
  •     Expert panelist: Laura Navas, Translator and Conference Interpreting Specialist. Co-founder of the Interpreting Boutique Project
  • 60 minute sessions with Laura Navas.
  • Personal tuition and feedback.
  •  Flexible meeting times.
  •  Real life interpreting examples and practical activities.
  •  In English and Spanish.
  •  Money back guarantee.
  • When? When you want. You agree on the dates with Laura (subject to her and your availability)
  • 3 payment modalities.

Program description

This mentoring program provides attendees with the opportunity to acquire practical and professional skills gradually within an academic setting. Being the mentor in direct contact with the reality of the profession and an active conference interpreter, this mentoring program offers you the possibility to understand the bases and nuances of the interpreter’s career from the inside, from a realistic point of view. 

In addition, if you are an active interpreter willing to add Spanish as your B language or even enhance your Spanish B, this mentoring program will help you achieve your goal. An unparalleled personalised experience with a Spanish native conference interpreter awaits you.

The mentoring program’s aim is to help you and guide you throughout your journey to Conference Interpreting. After climbing the steep hill, you will then enjoy a unique view: you will be able to work in the private sector and as a freelance interpreter for international organisms. 

The sessions will also be a great opportunity to receive feedback through a highly practical content approach based on exercises, where the mastering of both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills will be covered. The students will also be taught to self-evaluate in order to perfect the technique on their own.

Contents on the page will be available the week the mentoring program begins.

Who is this mentoring program for?

This MTMM is addressed to anyone interested in Conference Interpreting. From students to recent graduates or active interpreters who want to keep growing in their career paths. 

The sessions can be delivered in either English or Spanish (based on each student's preference). 

Mentoring program delivery

The mentoring programe will be tailor-made depending on the student's specific necessities.  A large plethora of topics depending on the student's needs will be available upon demand: 

  • Simultaneous interpreting: practice and feedback .
  • Consecutive interpreting: practice and feedback. 

  • Guidance throughout your journey to Conference Interpreting.

Adding yor Spanish as B language or enhancing your Spanish B.
  • Resource learning and self-evaluation technique take-aways for the students to continue the practice on their own.

  • Exploring different career options and analising the student's profile.

    This mentoring program will allow you not only to develop high-level interpreting skills, but also aims to propose a permanent contact based method with a professional in the area of Conference Interpreting. 

    The sessions will be recorded and you will be granted life access to the recordings and contents.


Linguistic skills:
  • A good English and or Spanish level is required (you choose the language in which you would like to have the sessions). Students must have English or Spanish as part of their conference interpreting combinations (one of them at least as A or B language, meaning one of them should be an active language in their combination).

IT resources:
  • A computer with speakers and a microphone as well as a stable internet connection are necessary.
  • A Zoom account.

  • The mentoring program is totally flexible to adapt to your needs.
  • Life access to the recordings and contents of the mentoring program.

Laura Navas

Laura is a professional conference interpreter working in the private market and based in Barcelona, where she once graduated in translation and interpreting and in a two year's master's degree in conference interpreting. She has provided interpreting and translation services in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian for several associations, companies and governments within the field of human rights, immigration, literature, sustainable development, international affairs, medicine, veterinary, culture and cosmetics, among others. Laura is also a co-founder at The Interpreting Boutique Project.
Laura is passionate about life and everything that goes with it — personal development, writing, outdoor sports, nature, travelling, good food, languages (of course) and other likewise related activities are some of her favourite things to do while she's not interpreting in the booth.
Laura is also the co-founder at The Interpreting Boutique.
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