Master the LinkedIn Stage

Learn how to apply the skills of a copywriter and a linguist to put together a Linkedin profile that will convince potential clients and collaborators that you’re the most qualified professional to work with.

Discover how to be more precise in describing the benefits and main skills you have that will paint a more complete picture of you as a service provider.

Learn to interact with potential clients by crafting inviting messages that can lead to collaborations in the Direct Message section and increase your visibility on Linkedin.

Learn with a LinkedIn Mentor!

Join Mariann Makraia polyglot and professional linguist,  copywriter and Linkedin mentor on this path to becoming a confident and recognisable personality on Linkedin, with more possibilities to get engaged through the platform and gain new clients.

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  • This expert course includes:
  •  Expert coach: Mariann Makrai. LinkedIn Expert, Copywriter and Translator
  •  Live activities
  •  Q&A session and in-webinar text-chat
  •  Lifetime access to the webinar and extra contents
  •  In English
  •  Completion certificate
  •  Duration: 240 min (4 hours approximately)
  •  15 minute free review with Mariann of your profile & copy after course completion
  •  Access the course signing in our platform and going to the webinar page. No links to Zoom are sent.

Course and coach description

As this course combines copywriting and branding, it will be divided in two sessions.
The first session will be a main brainstorming session in which you will get to know each other as participants and exercise your pitching capabilities.
Afterwards, we’re going to devise a pitch for ourselves, ready to be put into the headline of the Linkedin profile. This will be perfected in the 2nd session too.
We’ll cover relevant keywords and add them, bring our services to awareness and maybe reveal even new ones, which you didn’t think of displaying in your profile.
Reaching out to potential clients and old ones in the direct message section is the next thing we’ll do to accelerate potential growth and activate awareness of our availability with our network.

Who is this course for?

For those service providers who are mostly behind a given project, who never get enough recognition, as they are the so-called “backend” of the project - translators and copywriters.
But actually, it’s their work which is the main pillar of an ad campaign, a successful text (newsletter, website, brochure etc., CTA) which then results in a purchase or large following.
It is precisely why this course is intended for them. To empower translators and copywriters and wordsmiths alike to get out on LinkedIn and become personal brandsIt’s a daunting task, but doable. Exactly because you’re all crafted with words.

So excel in any content form you choose on LinkedIn together with me.
Session 1
Session 2
SEssion 1

Master the Linkedin stage

By Mariann Makrai

Session 1

1.1 Introductory activity - the use of Linkedin (translators, copywriters, wordsmiths), brainstorming
1.2 Showcasing to 5 Linkedin profiles out of each industry to analyze its content structure
1.4  Relevance of keywords for the analytics section and Analytics monitoring
1.5  PITCH as a component of the headline
for the 2nd session: working out the best PITCH
Session 2

Master the Linkedin stage

By Mariann Makrai

Session 2

2.1 PITCH presentation
2.2 Alternative: VIDEO PITCH in Creator mode instead of the profile photo 
2.3 Additional information (web page, links) beneath the headline for showcasing expertise 
2.4 BANNER in the profile (content types to put into it)
2.5 WHAT NEXT (intro into content types, algorhythm etc.)
Q&A session

+ 15 minutes of mentoring in the week after completion of the course (choosing the time on Calendly)
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