Mariann Makrai

LinkedIn Expert, Copywriter, and Translator
Mariann is a polyglot professional. Hungarian is her mother tongue, and she acquired knowledge of Croatian, English and German pretty early, during primary school.
After graduating as a teacher of English and German, she instantly began working in the field, but with time switched focus and turned to translation, and later to copywriting.
She has been active on Linkedin since 2017, having been the first to go LIVE in October 2020 in Croatia, where she lives. Along with Live shows, persistently created, she also writes a weekly newsletter to 1150 subscribers on Linkedin since November 2021. 
She’s the author of the e-book “How to increase views on your Linkedin profile” available on Gumroad.
Out of content types she produces on Linkedin, she’s a big supporter of video as the most efficient and most personal content, which can best be used as a tool to achieve the highest form of authenticity.
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