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UX and Localization

The fields of UX and Localization are closely intertwined. However, several trainings and job requirements seem to understand them as separate skills professionals should acquire. 
Working full-time as a game translator, app localizer, and quality assurance tester showed me how to navigate the myriad of tools, best practices, and knowledge domains and apply them, in synergy, to provide idiomatic, intuitive, and creative user experiences in Localization.

The Course on UX and Localization

In this hands-on course, we will learn through examples, real-life assignments, and updated approaches to improve the level of quality seen in apps, websites, and videogames. Ideally, some level of familiarity with localization is recommended, but I'll take learners by the hand and explain the interconnection and practical use of Localization seen through the lens of User Experience. That is to say, everyone is welcome! All you need is to be an enthusiast for translation, localization, technology, and user experience. Oh! And the willingness to take part in the exercises and assignments proposed.

Bruna Beatriz Gabriel

Bruna Beatriz Gabriel (UX Expert and Full-time Localizer) and TranslaStars bring you this first edition of this 10-hour course that will provide you with the fundamental skills to successfully deal with this type of translation.
Get part of the UX training for Localization enthusiasts you are missing, explained by Bruna in a very informative and engaging way!
Get your place for this first edition in English of the Expert on UX and Localization by the hand of Bruna Gabriel, an expert with more than 4000 hours of direct experience.

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  • This course includes:
  •  Expert: Bruna Gabriel, Translator & UX Localizer
  •  Life access to the contents
  •  In English
  •  Completion certificate
  •  Money back guarantee
  • Duration: 8 h - Four 120 min modules (approximately)
  • You will acquire the main skills to successfully deal with UX in Localization assignments.

Become an expert and find out what you need to know about UX to excel as as a Localization specialist

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4

Module 1- Integrating UX and Localization

In this first module, Bruna dives deeper into the synergy between User Experience and Localization: the workflow of both domains, considerations during UX writing, the role of localizers, some common challenges, and more!

Module 3 - Technology, tools, and the basics of programming for UX Localizers 

In this second module, Bruna explains what kind of tools, strategies, and knowledge localizers can (or should) apply while working on localization assignments with UX in mind.
Learn through practical examples and real-life cases to move the focus from words (correct translation) to the experience (useful, informative, and effective writing).

Module 4 - Testing and improving user experience

In this third module, Bruna will introduce students to variables, tags, and codes used in both UX writing and Localization efforts. Having a solid understanding of them will make your life as a localizer a lot easier.
Learn them with strings taken from real projects and get ready to get creative when dealing with character limitation, transcreation needs, and other common challenges. Learn how to communicate with UX writers to make your and their work more efficient.

Module 2-UX and Localization "IRL"

In this second module, Bruna tells us about her journey and how she took her first steps in the Localization industry, with the purpose of detailing the daily life of a UX localizer, finding opportunities to gain experience and to build a solid portfolio over the years. Find out the skills, knowledge, and best practices for those who are starting their careers in the field.

Course and coach description

This course on fundamentals of UX and Localization was built little by little, after noticing a lack of training in the field. It offers valuable insights acquired after 3 years working in quality assurance for games, mobile apps, and websites as well as in Localization assignments.
Besides combining resources and courses Bruna has explored since she started in the Localization industry, it offers additional materials and suggestions for those who wish to
 specialize in UX, Localization, and Quality Assurance.
The objectives of the course are:
1. To show how localizers should address Localization tasks, in a way that user experience is the means and the goal.
2. To introduce learners to several tools and strategies so that the results are intuitive, offering clear instructions and reducing the likelihood of confusing users or players.
3. To teach how variables, tags, and elements found in strings should be tackled in order to ensure the quality of experiences rebuilt in another language in the process of Localization. 

Who is this course for?

Accepting the challenge to offer resources to use in the daily work of localizers was based on the lack of integration between UX and Localization noticed after 3 years working as a full-time tester and localizer.

The learner must be either translators who want to take their first steps in Localization, as was the case of Bruna Gabriel, after working 3 years as a translator, or professionals who are already localizers and notice the lack of integration between UX and Localization in their daily work. In a world that highly values efficiency and revenue, not to mention all the AI launchings in recent years, it is about time we develop a tailored approach for our clients' needs and shed light on the fact that a problem for the user is a problem for the business. 
As Bruna tells us, "the more AI evolves, the more urgent it is for localizers to find the painpoints of daily challenges and to integrate UX thinking in their processes. According to UX writing, "UX copy is the verbal communication in an interface. It guides the user, aims to enhance the UX, and is easy to understand. It appears within the design of digital products." There's no way localizers can deliver ideal solutions without solid knowledge of UX. 

So, start taking notes of the user experiences you have!
There's an app or platform for anything we can think of today. Have you ever wondered why some websites, apps, and other media catch your attention whether others don't? And what do Localization and UX have to do with it? Spoiler: everything. If our goal is to achieve new markets through localization efforts, it'd better be done with mastery. Let's learn together and start delivering user experiences crafted for each audience and language.

Bruna understands that the quality of localized content means the quality of user experience.  With more than 5 thousand hours accumulated as a game tester, translator, and UX localizer, she will tell you how to guide the user with clear instructions, anticipate questions to prevent errors, besides offering resources for continuous professional development in the mentioned fields. Localizers and companies that develop UX have a lot in common, but a key one is using communication to achieve results. 


Linguistic skills:
  • A good English level is required.

IT resources:
  • A computer with speakers as well as a stable internet connection are necessary.

  • You can attend this course from wherever you want.
  • Life access to the contents of the course and extra contents when you acquire your place.

Bruna Beatriz Gabriel

Bruna Beatriz is a Brazilian translator, who specializes in websites, apps, and video game localization. She’s the founder and owner of BBG Languages – a company that partners with clients from the Entertainment, Education, and Technology industries to provide smooth user experiences and customized solutions, with a focus on conveying cultural intricacies for each target audience.

Combined with her experience in managing projects from building teams to creating style guides and glossaries, Bruna helps her clients achieve their tone of voice and consistency when expanding to new markets. Beyond translation, she applies her knowledge in International Affairs and Localization to support her clients in attracting and communicating with end users.

Some of her clients’ biggest challenges include figuring out how to offer accessible webpages, engaging applications, and immersive video game experiences. That’s why she offers complementary services such as Linguistic and Functional quality assurance, which aims to check the product interface, desired location, and flawless user experience.
Her main language pairs are English, Spanish, and French into Brazilian Portuguese. Besides her passion for languages, Bruna loves reading, biking, and practicing yoga in her free time.

currently living in Montreal, Canada, with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, who are continuous sources of inspiration and creativity for her.
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