Bruna Beatriz Gabriel

Translator, UX Localizer, LQA Expert
Bruna Beatriz is a Brazilian translator, who specializes in websites, apps, and video game localization. She’s the founder and owner of BBG Languages – a company that partners with clients from the Entertainment, Education, and Technology industries to provide smooth user experiences and customized solutions, with a focus on conveying cultural intricacies for each target audience.

Combined with her experience in managing projects from building teams to creating style guides and glossaries, Bruna helps her clients achieve their tone of voice and consistency when expanding to new markets. Beyond translation, she applies her knowledge in International Affairs and Localization to support her clients in attracting and communicating with end users.

Some of her clients’ biggest challenges include figuring out how to offer accessible webpages, engaging applications, and immersive video game experiences. That’s why she offers complementary services such as Linguistic and Functional quality assurance, which aims to check the product interface, desired location, and flawless user experience.

Her main language pairs are English, Spanish, and French into Brazilian Portuguese. Besides her passion for languages, Bruna loves reading, biking, and practicing yoga in her free time.

currently living in Montreal, Canada, with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, who are continuous sources of inspiration and creativity for her.
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