Transcreation Masterclass
Ed. II - 2024


What is this "Transcreation" everyone is talking about? Let's solve the mystery and initiate you to this completely different and very targeted translation approach, closer to the art of copywriting than to traditional translation.

The result is a tailor-made message for a new audience, echoing not only the words but most importantly the emotional impact of the original message.

Embark on a journey with Sebastian, a seasoned maestro of creative translation, as he guides you through every facet of this methodology in our course.

Immersed in a diverse array of real-world examples and practical exercises, you'll explore:

  • What is transcreation? And what sets it apart from conventional translation and localization methods?
  • Where is transcreation used? And in which areas should it be avoided?
  • What does the work of a transcreator look like? Tips & tricks, hurdles, and effective problem-solving strategies.
  • Examples from Marketing, Entertainment  and navigating restrictions like space or timing.
  • Elevating your transcreation prowess: Insights and actionable advice to sharpen your skills.

And there's plenty more to uncover...

This is not going to be a snooze fest. At all. You'll have fun while learning. Promise!

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  • This expert course includes:
  • Expert panelist: Sebastian Ewald, Freelance German Language Wizard, former Localization Lead at Blizzard Entertainment
  •  Activities, exercises to download
  •  Q&A session and in-webinar text-chat
  •  Lifetime access to the webinar and extra contents
  •  In English
  •  Completion certificate
  • Webinar duration: 360 min (6 hours approximately)
  • Downloadable webinar program

Description of Webinar and Panelist

It's not messages that drive sales, it's emotions.
It's not
text that fills seats, it's emotions.
It's not
words that build successful brands, it's emotions.
It's not
content that fosters immersion, it's emotions.
That's where Transcreation makes its mark!

From Quarter-Pounders with Cheese to Coca-Cola to the Happy World of Haribo, from Duck Tales to Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, from video games to Netflix—immerse yourself in the intricate challenges of capturing the perfect emotion!  Unleash your own creative genius! Explore the world of text and audio around you, while simultaneously growing your own skillset!

Join Sebastian in this course as he distills insights gleaned from nearly two decades of navigating creative content. Following an introduction to Transcreation, delve into its diverse applications: from Marketing (including slogans, banners, products, and social media) to Entertainment (movies, TV, games, songs, and more), and even in coping with restrictions (space, timing, rhyme, or lip-sync).

Through analysis of real-life examples that strike emotional chords, uncover diverse approaches and problem-solving methodologies, featuring invaluable tips and tricks. Along the way, tackle stimulating exercises crafted to illuminate the intricacies of transcreation work while nurturing your own creative spark.

Sebastian Ewald has seen it all. He has reached millions of people with marketing slogans, product packaging, websites, blogs, social media, massive sci-fi and fantasy worlds, award-winning cinematics, songs, TV and online commercials and everything in between. Essentially, he was transcreating before transcreation became a recognized term. Now, embrace the chance to learn from one of the industry's finest!

Who is this webinar for?

While tailored primarily for language professionals like translators or reviewers, this course is also invaluable for marketing professionals, (localization) project managers, writers whose content undergoes translation, and anyone intrigued by:

  • understanding what transcreation is;
  • where transcreation is used;
  • how transcreation differs from regular translation;
  • how transcreation tackles challenges like space, timing, rhyme etc.;
  • what's needed to succeed in transcreation.

The course will be presented in English, and the skills and knowledge you gain can be utilized for translation/transcreation endeavors in any language combination.

It's important to have a working proficiency in at least one second language besides English to effectively participate in the course exercises, as they will require you to use this language as a target.

Our exercises are based on English as the source language. Therefore, if English is typically your target language, you should be comfortable enough to invert your language pair to complete our transcreation exercises.


Linguistic skills:
  • A good English level is required, as well as working proficiency in at least one other language.

IT resources:
  • A computer with speakers as well as a stable internet connection are necessary.
  • A Zoom account.

  • You can attend this meeting live from wherever you want.
  • Life access to the recording of the webinar and extra contents when you acquire your place.
Session 1: What is Transcreation
Session 2: Transcreation in Marketing and Entertainment
Session 3: Transcreation with Restrictions

What is Transcreation?

Session 1

1. Understanding Transcreation
1.1 Defining the Term
1.2 Transcreation vs. Translation vs. Localization
1.3 Grey Areas and Overlap
1.4 Transcreation Processes

2. Applications of Transcreation
2.1 Where to use Transcreation
2.2 Where to avoid Transcreation
2.3 Pitfalls and Dangers of Transcreation
2.4 Great Opportunities of Transcreation


Marketing & Entertainment

Session 2

3. Marketing Transcreation
3.1 Examples
3.2 Exercises

4. Entertainment & Arts
4.1 Examples
4.2 Exercises

Transcreation with Restrictions

Session 3

5. Transcreation with Restrictions
5.1 Space Restrictions
5.2 Timing
5.3 Lip-Sync
5.4 Rhyme
5.5 Song
5.6 Exercises

6 Conclusion
6.1 Self-Assessment

Sebastian Ewald

Sebastian is a German freelance translator and copywriter, and an all-out transcreation powerhouse. He shines as a specialist in Marketing and in nurturing the emotional connection to the audience.

For most of his career, he worked in entertainment on some of the biggest, most influential, and creatively challenging video game titles the industry has seen, decorated with numerous “game of the year” awards.

His translation experience encompasses tens of thousands of audio lines, and over a hundred videos watched by millions, including game cinematics, TV and online commercials, and even songs.

He is a hockey fan, a die-hard movie and TV buff, and today hails from France where he raises trilingual kids with his loveable Russian wife.
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