Inclusivity. Creating People-Friendly Translations and Texts

Do you know what inclusive language is? Are you eager to make your texts/translators more accessible

In this course, Helen will guide you through various types of inclusive language (gender neutral, people-first history-conscious, etc.) and will demonstrate how to incorporate them into everyday texts and translations.

You will also get an insight into the importance of inclusive language in marketing, and how it can be leveraged to expand product reach.

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  • This course includes:
  •  Expert: Helen Hadley, Marketing Translation and  Localization Specialist
  •  Activities
  •  Lifetime access to the course and extra contents
  •  In English
  •  Completion certificate
  • Duration: 90 min (approximately)
  • Downloadable course program

Course and expert description

Inclusive language is essential in modern society. These days, one of the most proactive changes a company can make is to incorporate inclusive language into the workplace in order to build trust and attract talent. It helps us to grow as a diverse global community where inclusivity is the very fabric of how we act, speak, feel, and think.

In this introductory course, we’ll take a look at what inclusive language is all about and how it can help make you texts and translations more appealing both to your clients and their respective audiences.

The aim of the course is to provide you with the basic tools you need to produce inclusive texts and to understand the key differences between language types.

Who is this course for?

Want to learn more about inclusive language? Eager to add to your list of language services? Then this is the course for you.

The course is suitable for any translator or copywriter who's looking to gain a deeper insight into inclusive language and its everyday uses and applications.

The course is delivered in English and the skills you will gain can be applied to translation in any language combination.

Course delivery

The course includes a series of examples and defintions of the various types of inclusive language, and will also touch on its relative business benefits.
There is also time for short activities.
You will be granted lifetime access to the course and extra contents.


Linguistic skills:
  • A good English level is required.

IT resources:
  • A computer with speakers as well as a stable internet connection are necessary.
  • A Zoom account.

  • Life access to the course and extra contents when you acquire your place.

Helen Hadley

Helen is a translator and copywriter.
She thrives on using her linguistic and bi-cultural expertise to help businesses conquer English-speaking markets and develop sHelen works with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to grassroots nonprofit organizations.uccessful multilingual marketing strategies.
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