Dr. Mugüerza's Clinic

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Dr. Mugüerza's Clinic for medical translators is a live broadcast hosted by Pablo Mugüerza on the second Tuesday of every month at 16:00 CET (approx. 60 mins).

Each session kicks off with the "Term of the Day", a mini presentation  that explores up-to-the-minute issues in the field of medical translation (such as, for example, a neologism derived from the COVID-19 pandemic).

Pablo will then take questions from attendees on both the issue(s) discussed and any other medical translation challenges they may be facing.

All sessions can be accessed free of charge via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (recordings will be uploaded to our platform, our podcast, and YouTube after the live sessions).
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  • Dr. Mugüerza's Clinic includes:
  • Expert speaker: Pablo Mugüerza, doctor and medical translation expert
  • Q&A session and live chat
  • Free access via TranslaStars' social media channels and TranslaStars.COM
  • When? Second Tuesday (EN) and Wednesday (ES) of every month (16.00 CET).
  • Duration: 60 min per session (approx.).

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Dr. Mugüerza's Clinic

Cure your translation pain points with leading medical translation expert, Pablo Mugüerza.



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Start date

8 February, Tuesday


English (Tu.) & Spanish (Wed.)


1 hour,
Tuesday (EN) &
Wednesday (ES)


Clinic Schedule

The clinic is open on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of every month (starting February 8).

On Tuesdays the clinic will be held in English, and on Wednesdays in Spanish. Doors open at 16:00 CET and all treatment is provided completely free of charge.
You can follow us live on our social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn) or see a recorded version on the TranslaStars platform. 

Put your questions to the doctor in the chat or submit them in advance via this form. All 
sessions will be recorded and made available on our website and YouTube channel.
Dates and topics:
February 8 and 9: Translation and Definition of "Spike" and "S Protein".
March 8 and 9: Translation and Definition of "Study" and "Trial".
April 12 and 13: Translation of Modal and Defective Verbs (can, may, should).
May 17 and 18: Translation and Definition of "Decentralized Clinical Trial" and "Virtual Clinical Trial" (moved to the third Tuesday and Wednesday to avoid overlapping with Dr. Mugüerza's bootcamp on TranslaStars.ES).
June 7 and 8: Translation and Definition of the Expressions "make sure" and "ensure".

Pablo Mugüerza

Pablo Mugüerza is a medical doctor with more than 35 years of experience as a medical translator and interpreter, who has personally come across practically every medical translation issue requiring medical knowledge.
He has been successfully developing training programs for translators and interpreters in different countries for more than 10 years and understands the needs that a translator or interpreter may have when dealing with a medical text, and how to successfully solve the challenges that this field of expertise poses.
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