How to Create Error-Free Subtitles

Do you want to become your clients' preferred subtitling provider for media localization?

Join Ana Lis Salottiquality control expert in subtitling and dubbing, for this unique training opportunity.

In four hours of training, Ana will present the best practices and strategies in the subtitling industry, which you will be able to apply to your practice and offer outstanding, error-free and efficient subtitles.

Wait, that's not what they said in the movie!

With today's explosion of digital video content, it is natural that much of that content demands to be localized and translated. Many translators and bilinguals alike think they know how to subtitle just because they know two languages or because they know how to translate. But subtitling is a different kind of creature in translation. 

This course will empower you to:
  • understand why subtitles don't always include everything they said
  • offer high-quality subtitles to your clients and LSPs,
  • apply the industry's best practices and strategies to make your clients happier,
  • optimize your subtitles by making them more accessible to your clients' audience,
  • increase your potential client base by specializing in a huge translation nice,
  • grow and thrive professionally.

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Get your seat for the best quality control course in subtitle creation.

Acquire practical skills
 to succeed in the subtitling world without drowning in technical errors.

pply the industry's best practices to optimize your subtitles.

4 hours (in 2 weekday) full of effective strategies and fool-proof rules learned by an expert in media localization quality control during her 15-year career in the field.  The content will be delivered in English, with Spanish examples . Each 2-hour class will include a final Q&A session and some hands-on exercises to put everything you have learned into practice.

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  • This course includes:
  • Expert coachAna Lis Salotti, QC Specialist in Subtitling and Dubbing
  •  Activities
  •  Life access to contents 
  •  In English
  •  Completion certificate
  •  Money back guarantee
  • Acquire expert subtitling skills for media localization 
  • Duration: 4 h (2 h/day)
Session 1
Session 2
SEssion 1

How to create
error-free subtitles

By Ana Lis Salotti

Session 1

1.1 Audiovisual Translation: Definition and main modalities 
1.2 What's a subtitle: Definition and constraints
1.3 QC: Segmentation rules
1.4 QC: Reading speed: Strategies and best practices
1.5 QC: Timing: Best practices
Hands-on exercises
Session 2

How to create
error-free subtitles

By Ana Lis Salotti

Session 2

2.1 QC: Positioning, font and color: Best practices
2.2 QC: Dialogue speed: Strategies and best practices 
2.3 Dialogue culture adaptability: Strategies
2.4 Subtitle dependency on media content: Relevance to subtitlers
2.5 Other guidelines
Q&A session
Hands-on exercises

Course and coach description

There is only one way to create error-free subtitles: learning the industry's best practices and applying strategies learned from seasoned professionals throughout their careers.

Media localization has exploded in recent years. Translators who can provide fully functional, truly accessible subtitles hold the upper hand in the market. 

Ana Lis Salotti has been in the audiovisual translation world for over 16 years, creating subtitles and dubbing scripts and performing quality control in media localization. Ana will transform your subtitling skills and equip you with the best practices and strategies in the industry.
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