MD Copywriting
for Translators

Are you a translator looking for additional value added service?

This course will help you decide if copywriting can be such an additional service.

Learn the basics of direct-response copywriting and content writing directly applicable to your own translation business, and, also to the copywriting needs of your translation target clients. 

Discover which way to pursue: copywriting or the content writing. Start with basic understanding of this freelance profession and decide if you can turn it into a value-added service and be able to diversify your income stream

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MD Copywriting for Translators
  • This course includes:
  • Self-assessment activities
  • Personal tutor
  •  Completion certificate
  •  Quality guaranteed (money-back guarantee)
  •    Course duration: 15- 20 h 
  •    Downloadable course program

Course description

Do you want your freelance translation business to grow and generate extra income?

I have got you covered.

This is a self-paced copywriting course for freelance translators with any language combination. You would want to diversify your income stream by adding a copywriting or content marketing service to your current translation business.

This course will help you discover the copywriting as a service, give you an insight of the most important aspects of copywriting you need to know when you are starting from scratch. 
In this course you will receive insights about the types of copywriting relevant for you as a translator  and how it helps the online businesses, with practical tips on copywriting.

Who is this course for?

This course is for any open-minded and entrepreneurial translator, no matter if you are starting from scratch, or you have been working as freelance translator. This course will be useful to any native language you are working with, the only requirement is for you to understand English.
It is right for you if:
• You are a newbie freelance translator looking for specialization and a niche. 
• You are an established freelance translator, even with rare language combination, and you have foreseen the translation service is not enough to build a sustainable income while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
• If none of the above describes you, you might look ahead, thinking strategically and focusing on the big picture and direct client's needs. 
• If your translation business needs to upscale with a new fresh service to your portfolio.
• You like to listen to your customers and most probably they have asked you:
Do you also also offer copywriting services?
Well,  after taking this course, your answer to them will be: Yes, I do.
• What your customers need could be very profitable. They would be happy to hire you with a value-added service such as copywriting because they trust you and already know you and like what you do.

Course delivery

The course is divided into 5 Modules  focusing on the most essential out of the copywriting so that it helps you choose a type of copywriting that would best fit your translation activity.
 Useful resources and a variety of examples are being presented. Each module contains short exercises for self-assessment.
A final quiz is provided for checking what you have learnt within this course.


Linguistic skills:
  • A good English level is required.

IT resources:
  • A computer as well as a stable internet connection are necessary.
  • The course contains audio. Make sure you have a loudspeaker or headset.
  • A word processing programme for taking notes is useful (optional).

  • You can take this course whenever you want and in your own rhythm.
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