The Future of Translation is Now: Top 20 Translation Conferences in 2024

Discover the 20 more important translation conferences and events you can attend in 2024
Apr 16 / Alfonso González Bartolessis
The translation and localization industry is in for a transformative year

With AI rapidly changing the game, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. The best way to do that?
Network with peers and industry leaders at these top translation and localization conferences in 2024:

1.TAUS in Tokyo

When: April 16-17
Where: Tokyo, Japan

After a few years of absence, TAUS comes back to Tokyo for another face-to-face event with industry experts in the Asian markets.

This year, the event will consist of a half-day workshop on the topic of Quality Estimation and a one and a half day forum on trends and changes in the industry.

According to TAUS’ organizers, the grand shift to AI in the translation world poses every manager in the localization industry for fundamental questions of pace (“am I going too fast or too slow?”), of reality (“how do I know this really works or not?”), of skills and people (“which talents and resources am I going to need”) and costs and investments (“budgets I need and ROIs I can promise”). 

The best way to find answers to these questions is to talk to your peers

This is what’s on the agenda of the TAUS Forum: open and honest discussions with a small group of around fifty decision makers.


2.GALA 2024 Valencia

When: April 21-23
Where: Valencia, Spain

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) connects and supports an international community of stakeholders that facilitate business across languages and cultures.

Since 2009, GALA has hosted conferences and events throughout Europe, Central America, and the United States.

In 2024, GALA's conference will focus on AI and its use in localization. The event is set to attract more than 500 people, making it a great place for networking and collaboration.

3. BP24 Translation Conference

When: April 22-24
Where: Seville, Spain

The BP Translation Conference has brought together freelance translators, localization service providers, interpreters, and more since 2014. In the past few years, more than 300 industry professionals have participated from over 70 countries.

With a more hands-on approach than other events, this event offers interactive workshops and immersive sessions on hot topics like how to implement AI tools and secure high-end clients in challenging times.

 4. Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters 36th Annual Conference

When: May 4
Where: Charlotte, NC, USA

The CATI 36th Annual Conference promises a rich blend of academic insight and practical skill-building sessions. With topics ranging from inclusive language to the art of translating Shakespeare into Spanish, attendees can expect a diverse and engaging program.

Following the intellectually stimulating day, participants can unwind and network at the Conference After Party.

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5. Global Ready Conference 2024

When: May 8
Where: Online

Cloud-based translation technology and language services company Smartling is hosting a conference that offers you a chance to network with localization and translation peers, learn from industry leaders, explore the latest research and innovations, and discover how to future-proof your global expansion plans. 

Global Ready Conference attendees can expect a keynote address from Smartling's CEO, many insights on how to implement AI in your localization and globalization strategies, and more! 

Join the event virtually for an exciting and educational day that will empower you to take your localization initiatives into the future.

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When: May 15-18
Where: Sitges, Spain

Bringing together users, developers, trainers, staff, and tech support, this event promises two days packed with invaluable insights and hands-on experiences

Under the theme "Amplify & Integrate," sessions will delve into topics such as maximizing Wordfast features and best practices, harnessing artificial intelligence, streamlining operations and production management, and elevating quality control processes and technology. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to amplify your translation prowess and integrate cutting-edge techniques into your workflow!

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7. Focus on Executives 2024

When: May 16-17
Where: Malta

This exclusive event offers industry leaders a unique platform to exchange knowledge, foster peer-to-peer connections, and address pressing business challenges in a supportive environment.

Guided by expert moderators, attendees will engage in open and insightful discussions, gaining valuable strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of translation and localization.

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When: May 20-25
Where: Turin, Italy 

Organized by the ELRA Language Resources Association and the International Committee on Computational Linguistics, LREC-COLING 2024 will feature three days of main conference sessions alongside workshops and tutorials, fostering collaboration and innovation across disciplines. 

Researchers and practitioners alike will convene to discuss cutting-edge developments, tackle grand challenges, and showcase their work through oral presentations and poster sessions. 

Beyond the academic program, attendees can look forward to a vibrant social agenda, enhancing networking opportunities and cultural exchange.


9. ITI Conference 2024

When: June 4, 2024
Where: Edinburgh, UK

Held biennially since 2009, this eagerly anticipated event has garnered global acclaim for its insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

With the conference theme of “New world, new work” in mind, the programme’s presentations fall into five categories - Artificial intelligence (AI), Audio-visual translation (AV), Business skills, Diversification and specialization, and Wellbeing.

Whether you choose to join it in person at the John McIntyre Conference Centre in Edinburgh, or online, the ITI Conference 2024 promises to bring you an inspiring two-day programme.

Have a look at it here!

10. LocWorld 51 Dublin

When: June 5-7
Where: Dublin, Ireland

Originally known as the Localization World Conference in 2003, LocWorld has evolved into a cornerstone of the industry, attracting language professionals, translators, and content management experts from around the globe.

The theme of 2024 is "AI and Beyond," so you can expect fascinating keynotes and insights into AI and its impact on the industry.

Also, you'll get a chance to network with industry leaders and potential colleagues at conference meetings.

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11. memoQfest

When: June 13-14
Where: Budapest, Hungary

After the resounding success of the 2023 edition, which saw over 260 attendees from 35 countries, memoQfest is back with an even more dynamic program packed into two action-packed days.

What can you expect from memoQfest?

  • Learn from the best: memoQfest is attended by translation industry professionals: the 3-day event provides you with great opportunities to learn, network and exchange ideas (and business cards)!
  • Stay ahead: learn about the most recent industry trends, developments and technologies!
  • Develop: master the basics, build on those, get translation workflow optimization tips from your peers, and learn how productivity boosters can bring you to the next level.
  • Let your voice be heard! Got difficult questions?Get detailed answers at the conference!

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12. Linguist Education Online, 9th International Virtual Conference: Navigating Language Industry Evolution

When: June 20-21
Where: Online

LEO’s biannual online conference has been a hub for professionals across the language services industry since its inauguration in June of 2020

This year, LEO’s conference delve into such topics as privacy laws affecting independent contractors, emerging roles for interpreters in educational settings, AI technologies in our workflows, the art of customer service for interpreters, evolving landscape of machine translation, demystifying post-editing work, and so much more. 

Earn CEUs, while engaging with content that is informational and practical, and explore the pathways that are shaping our industry’s future.

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13. New Trends in Translation and Technology

When: July 3-6
Where: Varna, Bulgaria

NeTTT’2024 aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry in the field of translation and interpreting by bringing together a diverse array of professionals, including academics, developers, practitioners, language service providers, and vendors. 

Through presentations, keynote speeches, posters, and panel discussions, attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the latest developments and practices in translation technology.

Check out the full schedule here!

14. Networking Days

When: October 1-2
Where: Berlin, Germany

Networking Days is the perfect opportunity for language industry professionals to come together, discuss key topics, and network with their peers.

This innovative format offers discussion groups, sessions, and knowledge-sharing opportunities in all areas of the language industry business and services.

Join it for two days filled with learning and networking with peers, and gain valuable insights to help you address business challenges and exchange viewpoints.

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15. LocWorld52

When: October 28-30
Where: Monterey, USA

It's one of the most discussed topics right now, coming to us in several variations: artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI (GenAI), augmented intelligence (another AI), and more.

But how do you see our industry going forward with this in our world? Is it a challenge? An opportunity? Both?

As part of LocWorld52, speakers and attendees will try to answer those questions, since this year's conference is themed AI and Beyond".

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16. American Translators Association (ATA) 65th Annual Conference

When: October 30 - November 2
Where: Portland, USA

Attracting translators, interpreters, and company owners from over 50 countries, the ATA Annual Conference offers four days of nonstop learning and networking.

No matter what your language, specialty, or experience level: at this year’s conference, you'll discover ways to enhance your skills and grow your business.

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17. Translating Europe Forum 2024

When: November 6-8
Where: Brussels, Belgium

Launched in 2014 as part of the Translating Europe project, the Translating Europe Forum (or TEF for short) has been serving as a meeting platform for diverse stakeholders across the colorful landscape of the language industry. 

Some 500 representatives of language service providers, professional associations, freelancers, academia and students, language technology companies, translation services of various European, national and international organizations meet every autumn in Brussels to discuss the most burning topics and issues, and  to work together on ensuring a future-proof thriving sector for all the parties involved. 

A safe place for exchanging good practices and developing common projects, TEF promotes a diversified and sustainable market for professional translators in Europe and beyond.

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When: November 13-15
Where: Budapest, Hungary

After a surge of audiovisual content on streaming platforms during the pandemic, followed by content owners‘ cutting back on spending, some of the longest Hollywood strikes the industry has witnessed, new media landscapes are emerging

During the 15th International Conference and Exhibition on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media, attendees and speakers will explore new and existing industry practices, discuss cutting-edge developments and innovations, and hear about pioneering research.

The Languages & The Media Conference 2024 is your platform to be part of this transformative dialogue; a nexus for thought leaders, content owners, language service providers, technology developers, educators, researchers, and language professionals, shaping the future of media localization. 

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19. NTIF – Nordic Translation & Interpretation Forum

When: November 18-20
Where: Malmö, Sweden

The Nordic Translation and Interpretation Forum (NTIF) is a yearly translation industry conference organized in different Nordic and Baltic cities.

The aim is to gather translation companies from the Nordics and Baltic interested in topics on regional matters, trends, tenders, vendor management, and technology.

This year's forum will delve deep into the theme of "Human Relevance," exploring the pivotal role of humanity in an era dominated by Artificial Intelligence.

While AI excels in automation, it falls short in capturing the essence of human connection, the spontaneity of inspiration, and the nuanced guidance of emotional intelligence. Thus, it is imperative to underscore the enduring significance of human contributions.

Now, more than ever, we must champion the unique value that humans bring to the table.

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20. Focus on Project Management

When: November 28-29
Where: Belgrade, Serbia

This two-day event by ELIA (the European Language Industry Association) aimed at aspiring and current project managers will equip you with practical skills, introduce you to new approaches, and help cultivate your mindset so that you can become an unstoppable force for your company.

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