The Best 10 Translation Podcasts to Listen to Become a Better Language Professional (Ed. March 2024)

Keep on learning and growing with the ten best podcasts for translators, interpreters and linguists in 2024
Apr 2 / Eleonora Monoscalco
There is no doubt that CPD (continuous professional development) is important for all language professionals. But apart from preparing for assignments, reading books and attending webinars and courses, what else can we do to keep up to date?

If you are interested in dynamic, entertaining podcasts to learn new things about the language, translation and interpreting industry, this blog post is for you!

In this March 2024 edition, we bring you some of the best professional podcasts you should follow and listen to become a better language professional.

1. The Language Worker

The Language Worker is a podcast hosted by Rita Prazeres Gonçalves, an experienced professional offering a range of language and mentoring services. In this podcast, she enjoys inspiring conversations with other language professionals who share their experiences in different fields.
As Rita teaches us, not only do languages shape our personalities, but they also open many doors. As you'll discover in a few episodes, languages offer so much more than just translation and interpretation. Can you believe it?
Listen now to the interview to TranslaStars' Manager, Alfonso González Bartolessis

2. Smart Habits for Translators

Another interesting podcast offering tips and strategies to improve your business and lifestyle is Smart Habits for Translators.
Hosted by Veronika Demichelis (English to Russian translator) and Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo (Spanish and Portuguese to English translator), it will teach you how to live better and stay competitive while taking care of your wellbeing and mental health! Are you struggling to find a balance between your personal and professional life? Listen to her tips on this topic.

3. Marketing Tips for Translators 

Marketing Tips for Translators is hosted by Tess Whitty, a bilingual English-Swedish translator, localizer and transcreator.
Although the last episode of this podcast was recorded in 2021, Tess has recorded more than 250 episodes packed with valuable information: expert interviews, step-by-step strategies to help translators market their business, tips on how to increase translation productivity, etc.
In particular, if you are just starting out as a translator, you could benefit immensely from listening to the episodes on translation fees and managing your finances.

4. Brand the Interpreter

Brand the Interpreter is a podcast by Mireya Pérez, a professional English<>Spanish conference interpreter and licensed trainer of the Community Interpreter Program.
In the podcast, she engages in meaningful conversations with professional interpreters and translators from around the world on topics such as mental health, localization, technology, vicarious trauma, fields of specializations, and much more!
If you are taking your first steps into the world of conference interpreting, this episode on remote interpreting may be for you.

 5. The ATA Podcast 

The ATA Podcast is brought to you by the American Translators Association and covers many interesting topics related to the translation and interpreting industry. From specialties for interpreters and translators to AI, you’ll always find something interesting to listen to.

6. En Pantuflas

En Pantuflas is a Spanish-language podcast hosted by Marina Ilari and her colleague Paola Medrano, professional Argentinian translators who interview language experts and discuss the latest industry news, while entertaining and amusing their audience with funny anecdotes based on translators’ daily (mis)adventures. They have recorded over 200 episodes covering many key topics for language professionals, such as specialization fields, networking, starting a translation business, mental health, interpreting, etc. 

7. Meet the Translator

Meet the Translator is a podcast hosted by Dot Roberts, a British freelance translator and subtitler.
Whether you're an aspiring or experienced translator, this podcast will give you valuable information about the translation industry.
Over the past 4 years, Dot and her guests have covered a range of interesting topics, from freelancing to personal branding, from finance to mental health. Here’s the latest episode on how to work as a professional translator

8. 90x100 Trad

We recommend a podcast hosted in Italian by Alessia Di Cunto, a Spanish/English to Italian translator specializing in marketing, tourism and fashion.
In each episode of 90x100 Trad, Alessia interviews colleagues who share their experiences and talk about topics ranging from specializations to networking, from CV writing to translation quotes and contracts.
If you’re just starting out, you can’t miss the opportunity to learn from more experienced colleagues.

9. The Complete Interpreter

Dreaming of becoming a conference interpreter?
Then The Complete Interpreter podcast by Sophie Llewellyn Smith is for you!
Sophie is a British AIIC-qualified, EU-accredited conference interpreter, and founder of the Interpreting Coach and TerpSummit.
In her own words, her podcast aims to help conference and liaison interpreters learn how to “stand out in a competitive market by improving their skills, mindset, and marketing”.
And if you ever wanted to pass the EU interinstitutional accreditation test, you should know that she has dedicated 3 episodes to the subject (part 1, part 2, part 3).

10. TranslaStars Podcast

Last but not least, you’ve read well, not only do we organize courses and webinars, but we also have our own podcast where you can find interviews with the most talented professionals in the translation and language industry, reviews of books, movies, and TV shows (and their translation) and much more in Spanish, English, Italian and German!
Want to find out how to write the perfect translator CV? Follow Alfonso's advice.


As you have read in this article, the internet is a pool of wonderful resources!
There is a lot of valuable content out there to help you improve your language skills while learning new things about the language industry professions in a fun way.
So what are you waiting for? Put on your headphones and embark on your learning journey today!
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