Arturo Pérez Ortega

Localization Project Manager, CAT Tools Specialist, Videogame Localization Expert
After finishing his localization studies in the University of Limerick, Arturo started his path on the translation industry as a project manager while taking on side projects as a translator.

He worked for 6 years, juggling his management tasks with his translation assignments.

His role dealing with both sides of the process led to him specializing in CAT tools, and he ended up working on Vistatec as a program manager, leading over 70 of Google’s localization teams.

Having achieved the goals he had set for himself, he decided to pursue his passion and work full time as a translator into Spanish, focusing on his favorite field: video game translation.

Arturo believes that a good localization of a product is key for its enjoyment in a specific locale, and he is determined to use his skills and knowledge to ensure that every video game that he works on becomes a memorable experience for the Spanish-speaking players. This led to him working in the localization of more than 60 games, including Star Ocean: The Second R, Potion Permit, and Road 96: Mile 0.

He is a horror geek that loves reading spooky novels and playing creepy video games.

In his free time, he also enjoys adapting and recording music.
Courses created by Arturo show his expertise and command of CAT Tools and videogame localization.
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