Interview with Nora Díaz

Visualizing the Future of Translation

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what will the future of translation hold?

Nora Díaz is no magician, but with almost 30 years of experience in the translation industry, she sure knows about innovation in translation.

  • How can young professionals stay relevant and competitive in an AI-dominated landscape?

  • What ethical challenges might arise when using AI-powered tools, and how can the industry address them effectively?

  • What lessons can we learn from the past - especially from the rise of MT/NMT - to navigate the current AI-driven transformation in the translation industry?

Catch up on this interview if you're interested in Nora's take on these issues and many others.

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  • Interviewee: Translator, Interpreter and Language Consultant, Innovation in Translation Summit & Innovation in Interpreting Summit Co-Organizer
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