MTMM: Transcreation and Creative Translation 

Transcreation is the next step up from Localization and Creative Translation. It happens when Translation meets Copywriting. And it’s a difficult discipline. Sometimes it can make you feel like a creative genius and sometimes like a great pretender. It can be a fine line to walk.

How many liberties am I allowed to take?
How many should I take?
How much is too much?
How do I explain to the client what I did and why I did it?
AI won’t replace me with this specialization because Transcreation is too creative, right? RIGHT?
Or maybe it can even help me…
So many questions…

Let’s face it, in this lonely business we all feel a bit “fake it till you make it”. Some days more than others. So why not get some moral support and affirmation from someone who has been playing this game for the better part of 20 years? Someone with authority and cred who can teach you the ropes?

Sebastian, our resident Transcreation maestro, has been around this discipline for his entire career, working in Marketing, Entertainment, Games, AV and more for some of the biggest players out there.

He will help you get past the impostor syndrome, hone your skills, and zero in on the messages and emotions that make up Transcreation projects.

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  • Features of the Mentoring Program:
  •     Expert panelist: Sebastian Ewald, Freelance German Translator, former Localization Lead at Blizzard Entertainment
  • 60 minute sessions with Sebastian.
  • Personal tuition and feedback.
  •  Flexible meeting times.
  •  Real life transcreation examples and practical activities.
  •  In English and German.
  •  Money back guarantee.
  • When? When you want. You agree on the dates with Sebastian (subject to his and your availability)
  • 3 payment modalities.

Program description

Whether you are already a Transcreator and want to increase your skills in Marketing
Localization/Transcreation or a Translator who wants to discover or break into this field, this
is the mentoring program for you.
Sebastian will boost your confidence, toe with you the line of how many liberties you are
allowed to take, and zero in on the intent and emotions behind the source messaging with
the help of:
- real-life examples/activities;
- 1:1 live sessions;
- personalized feedback.
The threat of AI taking over the straight-forward translation business is real. Agencies are
already offering increasingly more MTPE projects. So, branching out into Transcreation is a
good way to still live out your passion for actual human Translation, because Transcreation
is all about human emotions – and if machines have one weakness, it’s capturing emotions.
Not to mention that Transcreation also pays better.
Sebastian Ewald has been transcreating since before there was a name for it. No content he
hasn’t worked on, no problem he hasn’t seen before. He has contributed to the success of
some of the biggest video game IPs, global soft drink giants, and leaders of the 3D-printing
Contents on the page will be available the week the mentoring program begins.

Who is this mentoring program for?

This MTMM Transcreation program is addressed to current transcreators who want to hone
their skills, have questions, or are unsure about their work, to translators who want to
branch out into Transcreation, or project managers who deal with creative translators or
The program can be delivered in either English or German (your choice). Seb also
understands French and Spanish, so if these are your working languages he’ll be able to offer
his candid opinion there as well. All skills and knowledge gained can be applied to general
Translation, Transcreation, and Localization work approaches and understanding.
If we are to use real-life work examples signing an NDA will be required beforehand.

Mentoring program delivery

The basic mentoring program will be tailored to your needs, which we will discuss in  advance. We can talk about such things as:
  • What is Transcreation? And how does it differ from other translation approaches?
  • Transcreation in Marketing, in Entertainment, when facing restrictions
  • The dos and don’ts of Transcreation
  • How do transcreators work? How do we overcome difficulties?
  • How much can I deviate from the source? How many liberties can I take?
  • How to explain my approach to the client?
  • Working with reviewers
  • Strategies for building a portfolio
  • Professional assessment of your work and moral support
  • Or whatever you feel you need

Students will have the opportunity to learn on their own, carry out tasks independently, and attend live 1:1 personalized sessions with Sebastian. We understand that everyone has  different requirements and different best ways of learning. So, tell us what works for you.
Skills will be acquired with a learning by doing approach based on real-life examples taken  from Sebastian’s projects or public examples (or your own examples).
The sessions will be recorded and you will be granted life access to the recordings and  contents.


Linguistic skills:
  • A good level of either English or German is required (you choose the language in which you would like to have the sessions), as well as any second working language.

IT resources:
  • A computer with speakers and a microphone as well as a stable internet connection are necessary.
  • A Zoom account.

  • The mentoring program is totally flexible to adapt to your needs.
  • Life access to the recordings and contents of the mentoring program.

Sebastian Ewald

Sebastian is a German freelance translator and copywriter, and an all-out transcreation powerhouse. He shines as a specialist in Marketing and in nurturing the emotional connection to the audience.

For most of his career, he worked in entertainment on some of the biggest, most influential, and creatively challenging video game titles the industry has seen, decorated with numerous “game of the year” awards.

His translation experience encompasses tens of thousands of audio lines, and over a hundred videos watched by millions, including game cinematics, TV and online commercials, and even songs.

He is a hockey fan, a die-hard movie and TV buff, and today hails from France where he raises trilingual kids with his loveable Russian wife.
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