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With over 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world, plus 1.4 tablet users added and 88% of mobile time spent in apps in 2023, it is obvious that people are spending most of their time on mobile apps. Smartphones and tablets are easy to carry around and there's an app for anything today, right? That's why we should be talking and studying to deliver better app localization solutions!

More numbers for you: Apple's App Store spans 175 countries and regions, and Google Play is accessible in all 195 countries. However, mere availability does not guarantee optimal performance or accessibility. In order to effectively expand an app's reach on a global scale, localization is the right choice to breathe life into apps by incorporating the distinct characteristics of diverse cultures worldwide, enhancing user engagement and retention. Gain insights into the techniques and strategies essential for crafting culturally resonant experiences. 

The demand for mobile app localization has surged exponentially across specialized sectors as well as those catering to the general public. While a formal degree in translation may not be mandatory, mobile app localization training takes learners to the next level while it discusses trends, data, challenges, solutions, strategies, techniques and more topics essential for an effective localization.

Secure your seat in the inaugural edition of our 10-hour course on mobile app localization, brought to you by Bruna Gabriel, app localizer and language lead for the Brazilian Portuguese team at Kahoot! This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the fundamental skills necessary to start your journey and grow in the field of mobile apps.

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  • This course includes:
  • Expert: Bruna Gabriel, Translator & Mobile Apps Localizer
  •  Life access to the contents
  •  In English
  •  Completion certificate
  •  Money back guarantee
  • You will acquire the main skills to successfully deal with mobile app localization
  • When? 11-14 November 2024 (18.00 CET) 2.5 h/day
  • Duration: Four 2.5 h/day modules (10 h total approximately)

Everything you need to know about mobile apps to start your journey as an app localizer

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4

Module 1-Introduction to Mobile App Localization

In this first module, Bruna will help learners understand the importance of localization in app development, by giving an overview of the global app market and its potential for local audiences, sharing data on user behavior, and exploring the impact of localization on user engagement and retention.

Module 2-Common Pitfalls and Wit Solutions: what to do with limited resources

In this second module, Bruna brings examples from projects on mobile apps localization to highlight what localizers normally deal with in terms of lack of context, little or non-existing visual references, and limited access to the devs team.
Learn what you need to know about open communication, query sheets, string IDs and paths as indicators of 
an app section and more.

Module 3- Localization Techniques and Best Practices

In this third module, Bruna offers participants with the opportunity of having an insider look translating app content accurately and effectively.
She will discuss how to adapt UI/UX elements for different languages and cultures and how to handle date, time, currency, and other locale-specific formats. Finally, together the group will assess case studies and success stories of well-localized apps and what we can learn from them.

Module 4-Testing and Quality Assurance

In this fourth module, Bruna will go through test cases and testing methodologies for apps.
Learn how to perform linguistic and functional testing across different languages, where to gather feedback from international users, and some strategies for ongoing maintenance and updates.

Course and coach description

This course on mobile app localization by Bruna Gabriel in collaboration with Translastars is the first edition, proposed and created after noticing  a high demand from translators wishing to take their first steps in the niche.

Bruna has been tackling mobile app localization challenges, creating and maintaining term based
and style guides, and dealing with the UX and developer's teams on a daily basis since 2022. 

Her experience, besides continuous studies and professional development, will be poured into the practical exercises and kindled debates during the four days of this course. She hopes the audience will find mobile apps as intriguing and exciting as she does.

The objectives of the course are:
1. To give an overview of the global app market, app users, and its localization needs.
2. To guide learners through the challenges regarding lack of context, visual references and explanations that frequently occur in app localization projects.
3. To discuss and offer the chance of first-hand accurate and effective app translation exercises, besides addressing UI and UX elements.
4. To explain how testing and Quality Assurance work in the app environment, aimed at improving functional and linguistic aspects.

Who is this course for?

Learners are ideally translators or localizers, as is the case of Bruna Gabriel, already working with app localization or willing to start in the field. In addition, they must have the curiosity and put in the effort in analyzing the apps they use, and, of course, be fluent in English (grammar, spelling, semantics, etc.) and another language. Examples will include sentences in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French; learners will be asked to provide solutions in their own languages and share them with other colleagues.

Mobile app localization is a multifaceted process aimed at adapting an app's content, design, and functionality to suit the linguistic, cultural, and regional preferences of target audiences. 

Effective mobile app localization requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the target audience's cultural and linguistic nuances. By addressing these key aspects, localization professionals, UX designers and developers can create apps that resonate with users worldwide and drive engagement and success in diverse markets. Let's discuss, together, the best ways to perform cultural adaptation, language translation, localized user interface (UI), adaptation of regional preferences and standards, testing and QA, content updates, optimization for an app's store, and considerations on user experience (UX).

Bruna understands that high quality of an app's localization is translated in terms of users' retention + app accessibility and usefulness. With over 5 thousand hours of dedication as a game tester, translator, and UX localizer, she will tell you how to guide app users with clear instructions, anticipate questions to prevent errors, while communicating with the developing, UX design, and localization teams to ensure a great user experience in each target audience. 

Are you up for the challenge?


Linguistic skills:
  • A good English level is required.

IT resources:
  • A computer with speakers as well as a stable internet connection are necessary.

  • You can attend this course from wherever you want.
  • Life access to the contents of the course and extra contents when you acquire your place.

Bruna Beatriz Gabriel

Bruna Beatriz is a Brazilian translator, who specializes in websites, apps, and video game localization. She’s the founder and owner of BBG Languages – a company that partners with clients from the Entertainment, Education, and Technology industries to provide smooth user experiences and customized solutions, with a focus on conveying cultural intricacies for each target audience.

Combined with her experience in managing projects from building teams to creating style guides and glossaries, Bruna helps her clients achieve their tone of voice and consistency when expanding to new markets. Beyond translation, she applies her knowledge in International Affairs and Localization to support her clients in attracting and communicating with end users.

Some of her clients’ biggest challenges include figuring out how to offer accessible webpages, engaging applications, and immersive video game experiences. That’s why she offers complementary services such as Linguistic and Functional quality assurance, which aims to check the product interface, desired location, and flawless user experience.
Her main language pairs are English, Spanish, and French into Brazilian Portuguese. Besides her passion for languages, Bruna loves reading, biking, and practicing yoga in her free time.

currently living in Montreal, Canada, with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, who are continuous sources of inspiration and creativity for her.
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