KPI Measurement for Localization Managers
(I Ed. October 2024)

Do you want to learn how to measure the impact of your localization projects and optimize your localization strategy?
In this course, you will discover the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant for localization managers, how to collect and analyze them, and how to use them to improve your localization processes and outcomes.
You will also learn how to communicate your localization results and value to the main stakeholders and your managers.

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 Course Tutor: Alfonso González, Localization Manager at Sinch and TranslaStars' CEO
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 When: 16 & 17 Oct 2024 (18.00 CET - 2 h/day)
 Duration: 4 h approx. (2 h/day)
 You will acquire the main skills to successfully manage, measure and understand KPIs, OKRs, Smart Goals, 

Learn to measure the impact of your localization projects and optimize your localization strategy

Session 1
Session 2

Intro to KPIs and measurement tools

- Introduction to localization measurement and KPIs
- Localization measurement tools and platforms

Analysis, interpretation, optimization and reporting

- Localization data analysis and interpretation
- Localization optimization and reporting
Summary of the main contents
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
Define and identify the most important KPIs for localization managers
- Set up and use localization measurement tools and platforms
Analyze and interpret localization data and metrics
- Identify and implement localization best practices and improvement opportunities
- Report and present your localization results and value to your stakeholders and clients

The course duration is 4 hours.
You will receive a certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the course.
Who is this course for
This course is ideal for localization and project managers who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in localization measurement and optimization.
It is also suitable for localization professionals who aspire to become localization managers or who want to understand the role and responsibilities of localization managers better.

coach description
This course is designed and delivered by Alfonso González Bartolessis, a localization expert with over 25 years of experience in the industry.
Alfonso works as a localization manager for Sinch, has worked for several global companies and has led localization teams across different regions and languages.
He is also TranslaStars' founder and CEO and a frequent speaker at localization events and conferences.

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