How to Gain and Retain Agency Customers

I've sent tons of applications to translation agencies and not a single one has converted into a new customer. What am I doing wrong?

If these words resonate with you, then you've come to the right place.

While there are no easy fixes to these challenges, a better understanding of how Vendor Managers or Recruitment Managers work is sure to help you rethink your application strategies.

Take a walk on the wild side and hear from 40 Vendor Managers from across the globe on what they're on the lookout for, discover how to turn their heads and expand your customer base.

Learn how to amend your CV to make an excellent first impression and increase your likelihood of being cherrypicked by new agency customers. 

Find out what the most sought-after soft and hard skills are and how best to include them in an effective résumé. 

Plus, you'll get the opportunity to participate in a peer-review activity of your CV and receive top tips on how to make your applications more attractive.

And if that wasn't enough, you'll also gain insight into what LSPs value the most in ongoing cooperation and how to boost your agency-based revenue

There’s a perfect (agency) match for everyone out there. Increase the odds of find yours!

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  • This course includes:
  • Expert panellist: Giada Gerotto, experienced Localization Vendor Manager
  •  Activities 
  •  Life access to the course and extra contents
  •  In English
  •  Certificate of completion
  • Course duration: 75 min (approximately)
  • Downloadable course program

Course and panellist description

Tired of sending endless applications that do not bear any fruits?

During this course, Giada will share first-time results of a survey conducted on a sample of 40 LSP Vendor Managers on their vendor screening and selection processes.

You'll see your application through the recruiter's eyes and recieve the information you need to make it more appealing and increase your likelihood of being selected and retained as a preferred partner by your (potential) agency customers.

Giada Gerotto is a Localization Vendor Manager with a linguistic and quality management background. She is currently working at Creative Words, where she is in charge of recruitment, development and monitoring of the company’s network of freelance translators.

Who is this course for?

This course is addressed to all translators who are interested in getting a steady income from LSPs. 

It perfectly suits young professionals who are entering the business, helping them to get it right from the very beginning.

It is also well-targeted to established professionals who want to make sure they can keep their competitive advantage and work with the LSPs of their preference. 

Course delivery

The course will be split into two main sections.

The first part will focus on the outline of the boxes your application and CV need to tick to win new agency customers. 
It will be followed by a live activity including peer-review of CVs and some extra expert's tips (make sure you have your CV available!).

The second part will bring you to "the other side" and show you what is perceived as a red flag by recruiters and what encourages regular cooperation. 

This will happen through an open conversation and Q&A.


Linguistic skills:
  • A good English level is required.

IT resources:
  • A computer with speakers as well as a stable internet connection are necessary.

  • You can attend this course from wherever you want.
  • Life access to the recording of the course and extra contents when you acquire your place.

Giada Gerotto

Giada is a reckless optimist, a learner-by-doing and a cat lover.
She has a linguistic background and her career in the industry took off from being a freelance translator and then an in-house linguist at one major player in the industry.
She soon moved on to Quality Management, where she learnt that growth and development is only possible through an excellent synergy with the company’s translators.
After having gained experience in a few roles in the localization industry, she claims she has found her place to be in Vendor Management, where she has been for the last 6 years.
She is now the Community Manager at Creative Words, where she is in charge of recruitment, development and monitoring of the company’s network of freelance translators, working hard towards fostering healthy and satisfactory business relationships with all of them.
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