About Wordkeepers
WordKeepers is an ancient sect of localization professionals residing in the sunny city of Barcelona, sworn to protect the quality, integrity and cultural adaptation of game localization needs.
They always keep their word for quality, deadlines and any other needs of their clients.

They are a team of seasoned localization professionals who have spent long years in the industry, taking part in various aspects of localization.

Their main passion is Games so they combined their professional skills with Gaming and started their own games localization company.

As long-time gamers, they are well aware of what it means for the player to understand the game and feel connected to it. Localization definitely ensures this connection, if done properly.

Once you entrust your games with them, they first think like players and act like proper linguists who are aware of what they are handling. This way, they make sure that the players feel part of the community, playing a game written in their own language, not just dryly translated.
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