Valentina Alia

Professional translators specialised in the fashion industry. 
Get to know more about Valentina in this interview with Helen Hadley for our YouTube channel:
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About Valentina
Valentina is a professional translator specialised in tourism and fashion industries.
During her career, she has been translating for big fashion brands, along with 5-star hotel chains and international Tourist Boards.
After graduating in Modern Languages and Literatures, she took a Master’s degree in Translation.
Later on, her career took a creative turn: she attended specific training courses that helped her translate her clients’ message in a way that could actually reach the target market.   She had translated so many fashion related contents that she decided to buy her own sewing machine and start learning how to make clothes, finally touching first hand all the fabrics and textures she was translating about.
She reads a lot and travel around the world whenever she has the chance.  
Recently, she started helping young translators to take their first steps in the translation industry, launching a newsletter with useful tips on how to get started. 
You can know more about Valentina and subscribe to the newsletter in her website:
COUrses created by VALENTINA
Valentina has created courses where she brings all her experience as a translator and as a translation specialist in the fashion industry.
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