Expert in Tourism Translation
Silvie is a Dutch freelance translator, also known as The Traveling Translator. She has been translating tourism texts for over a decade, including for big brands such as that accommodation booking company that starts with an A and ends with a B, several airlines and cruise companies, and numerous other travel companies.
What she loves most about translation is being creative, solving puzzles (nothing is more satisfying than finding the exact right word, especially when you’re dealing with character limits!), and learning new things with every text she translates.
Apart from travel texts, she also specializes in marketing, for instance for social media sites, big tech brands and the world’s largest search engine. For the latter client, she also spent a year in-house at the Amsterdam office, which was a really nice adventure.
When she’s not translating she loves doing Zumba, reading thrillers, eating pizza margherita and traveling (duh!). She’s also an avid tennis fan and has traveled to several different countries to attend tennis tournaments, such as Roland Garros in Paris and even the Australian Open in Melbourne! Her favourite player is Roger Feder.
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