Pavel Elin

Translator, Mentor, Marketing Expert and CEO at Freelanguage
About PaVel
Pavel started his career in the field of translations and language services in 2007 as a freelance translator.
In 2010, he launched his first business.
And in 2011, he moved to Portugal to become a co-owner and CEO at Freelanguage LDA, a language service provider located in Lisbon.
In 2019, Pavel started his LinkedIn blog with posts and publications for independent language professionals.
In September 2020, he completed his work on the book “Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists”.
Today, in addition to the book Pavel offers 4 consulting services for freelancers. All of them are available on LinkedIn.
In February 2022, his YouTube channel for freelance language professionals was launched.
Pavel’s freelance experience allows him to understand linguists’ goals, challenges, and restraints in a better way.
On the other hand, as a CEO of a language service provider that has been operating since 2011, he can share insights from the point of view of the regular customer of translations and language services.
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