Ozgur Isgoren

Co-Founder, Localization Manager and Game Localization Wizard
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Ozgur is the co-founder of WordKeepers, a company focused in game localization but he is also a gamer and he has around 20 years of experience in the localization field.

When the timing felt right, he took the leap of faith and started his own game localization company together with his spouse, to combine his passion for games with localization.

He likes dealing with intricacies of localization in every aspect and his main passion is to introduce games into other languages so that everyone can play, enjoy and be part of the community.

His main priority is to create an immersive experience for gamers and players whose native language is not English. To pursue this goal, he pays great attention to the community expectations, the requirements set forth by his clients and always maintains an open communication with his team.

More games? Yes, please!
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