Maria Virgínia Barros

Subtitling Expert and Translator
About Maria
Maria Virgínia Barros, a native Portuguese speaker from Portugal, has a postgraduate degree in specialized translation and CAT tools from the Porto Executive Academy and a degree in Modern Languages and Literature from the University of Porto.

Throughout her career in international business development, she has had the opportunity to translate and create a wide variety of documents supporting internationalization. In the last few years, she has been working exclusively on translation, subtitling, and consecutive interpreting, helping clients expand their messages in the Portuguese market.
She is passionate about subtitling, an activity she dedicates herself to as a linguist, and works for the most recognized international brands. If you're watching FUEL TV, it's quite possible that you will see her name at the end of a show, as she works regularly for this TV channel.
Currently, she resides in Portugal, where she divides her time between Porto and Sintra. In addition to her professional activities, she enjoys exploring the inspiring landscapes of Portugal's north and south with her husband.
She is passionate about poetry and has maintained a blog for almost two decades. There, she promotes Portuguese poetry and her poems. She believes that poetry is an art that aligns beautifully with subtitles and translation. It is all about choosing the perfect word.
To learn more about Maria Virgínia, check out her LinkedIn profile, blog, and website.
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