Interview with María Scheibengraf

What makes SEO translation so special?

Why should translators care about SEO?
In this interview, María Scheibengraf, award-winning Spanish SEO Translator and content writer, explains how SEO translation changed her life and why every translator should think about giving it a chance.
Quotes from the interview:
“SEO translation and localization are in very high demand globally and there’s good money in the industry”
"While you learn about SEO you also acquire so many other skills you can transfer”
“SEO translation is one of the fields in translation where your work can be quantitatively measured: you either rank or you don't"

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  • This interview includes:
  • Interviewee: María Scheibengraf, Operations Manager at Crisol Translation Services and English to Spanish SEO Translation Specialist and Content Writer
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  •  In English
  • When? Enjoy now the recording of this interview that took place on the 29th of August 2022
  • Interview duration: 15 min (approximately)
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