LMA Terms and Conditions

Updated: 24/04/2023

The Localization Management Academy (LMA) is a project created by TranslaStars and Undertow to provide high quality training in Localization Management and Translation Project Management.

Course Conditions


The main objective of LMA courses is for students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge through high level content taught/created by active professionals related to the specific characteristics of the programs and courses offered.


Personal data received from students is stored at the TranslaStars headquarters at Fraunhoferstr. 23, Berlin. Students have the right to access, modify, delete, or update their data by contacting TranslaStars at manager@translastars.com

Any student who purchases a course agrees to comply with each of the points set out in this document and declares to have read, understood, and accepted them.


Conditions applicable to all courses

1. Students of LMA courses have the right to contact course creators and tutors through established channels as many times as they deem appropriate.

2. Students are entitled to receive a certificate of completion for their courses (provided that they have completed the entire course content and performed the assigned tasks/activities).

3. Online LMA courses can be taken from any location with no time limit for completion.


Obligations applicable to all courses

1. Students will maintain appropriate standards of behavior at all times and will respect the opinions of their peers and tutors, learning from them and applying opportunities for improvement in successive projects (in the case of receiving feedback). 

2. The student agrees not to distribute to third parties in any form or by any means or channel the contents of the courses and/or projects assigned to him (the student may advertise that he/she is carrying out a certain project or a course, but should not share its content).

3. Time for course completion: LMA does not set a deadline for the completion of online courses. Live courses need to be completed during the period establsihed for them to take place.



Conditions for the refund of the course fee
Students have the right to a total refund of the course price should LMA decide to suspend the course or be unable to guarantee the conditions agreed upon at the beginning.
2. For live LMA courses, the request for refund must be made at least 7 days before the course starts, otherwise the student will lose the money back guarantee.

3. For online LMA courses, you have 14 days from the day you purchase the course to finish the first three units (or to cover 30% of the content of the course) and decide if you want to continue or if you prefer to be refunded the amount you paid for the course. In case the course had not started following 14 days after the purchase, those 14 days will count as days to decide if you want to take the course or not (there will be no refunds after those 14 days). If you advance beyond the third unit, we will understand that the course is in line with your expectations and there will be no possibility of refund of the fee you have paid for the course.

4. All refunds have a 10% charge over the price paid to cover for the expenses of the refund operation (payment systems charge us for sales and refunds).


1. Discounts are not applied retroactively. That is to say, if you have previously purchased a course without a discount, we will not be able to refund part of the amount you have paid for the course.
2. TranslaStars coupons or discounts are not applicable to LMA courses (except otherwise stated on TranslaStars promotions).
LMA courses are not part of TranslaStars subscription plans as LMA is a different brand created by two different entities.



1. LMA has the right to modify the points in this document without prior notice to students enrolled on its courses. In any case, the conditions accepted by the student at the time of acquisition of a course will be respected.

2. LMA is not responsible for the content created or published by its collaborators in any of its courses or social media. In the event that any natural or legal person identifies that some type of right is being violated or that the content may be offensive, LMA is committed to withdrawing the said content as soon as possible. All content used and/or uploaded to LMA is for educational purposes only.
LMA has the right to modify, suspend, discontinue, close, open, and create courses, programs and/or course/program contents without prior notice to students. LMA is committed in any case to respect the conditions signed by the students or to offer other that are similar in value and quality.

4. LMA does not offer paid/unpaid internships as part of its courses.
LMA has the right to modify the dates of online courses without prior notice to students enrolled on its courses. In any case, LMA would inform students of those changes and return any amout paid if a student asked for a refund.

The final price in our courses includes tha VAT tax applicable in Germany at the moment of purchase.


1. LMA reserves the right to change the instructors at any moment or between different editions of courses/programs without having to justify the reasons behind the decision. In case changes are made, the new chosen instructors will have a level similar to those announced as the main instructors team.

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