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We have teamed up with some of the best project and localization managers in the industry to help you become the manager of your dreams.
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Miguel Sepúlveda

Global Localization Manager at King
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About mIGUEL
Does Candy Crush ring any bell?
Being the Global Localization Manager at King, Miguel is in charge of the internationalization and localization strategies for this video game company.
Apart from that, Miguel also contributes to the translation management community with his mass followed blog "Yo localizo" (it is a must for all project, translation and localization managers and even more if you are in the videogame industry).

Veronica Carioni

Localization Manager at Skyscanner
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Do you like flying?
Then you have probably come across Skyscanner several times in your life and have used their excellent (localized) services.
Veronica is the one in charge of magic happening. With extensive experience in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment, she focuses on finding opportunities to create more value for their local customers, through process efficiency, selection of the right industry-standard tools and technologies and implementation of localization best practices to help the company reach its goals.

Stefania Russo

Head of UX Contet at Glovo
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Hungry anyone? Need anything taken to your place?
Stefania is in charge to provide the best user experience worldwide at Glovo so we can all get what we want at our places.
With more than 15 years of experience working in the localization and content field, she is a passionate advocate of international users and of how essential content is for a successful user experience.

Alfonso González

Localization Manager at Sinch
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Alfonso is in charge of the internationalization and localization strategies at Sinch Email.
He has gained experience as a project manager and localization manager in international companies during 25 years setting up structures, workflows, and teams.
He is also an expert on SEO localization, the Founder and CEO at TranslaStars and one of the Directors at the Localization Management Academy.

Nicola Calabrese

CEO at Undertow
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Ever thought of creating your own LSP and working with top brands?
As the founder of Undertow, Nicola helps companies expand internationally by developing an effective localization program to translate, adapt, and create multilingual content so they can personalize their global user experience and increase their revenue and ROI.

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