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We have teamed up with some of the best project and localization managers in the industry to help you become the manager of your dreams.
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Miguel Sepúlveda

Globalization Director at King
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About mIGUEL
Does Candy Crush ring any bell?
Being the Globalization Director at King, Miguel is in charge of the internationalization and localization strategies for this video game company.
Apart from that, Miguel also contributes to the translation management community with his mass followed blog "Yo localizo" (it is a must for all project, translation and localization managers and even more if you are in the videogame industry).

Veronica Carioni

Localization Manager at Skyscanner
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Do you like flying?
Then you have probably come across Skyscanner several times in your life and have used their excellent (localized) services.
Veronica is the one in charge of magic happening. With extensive experience in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment, she focuses on finding opportunities to create more value for their local customers, through process efficiency, selection of the right industry-standard tools and technologies and implementation of localization best practices to help the company reach its goals.

Julio Leal

Head of Localization at Spendesk
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Julio Leal is currently leading the localization program at Spendesk, a French fintech unicorn.
He previously worked as senior manager of localization operations at Wayfair and before that, as the head of global localization at Ciena.
Prior to these roles, he worked at SAP as EMEA localization manager.
Fluent in Spanish, English, and German, Julio holds an MA in translation and interpreting studies from the University of Granada in Spain. He also holds an MBA and executive certificates in digital team management, web globalization management, and global marketing.

Beatriz Redondo

Sr. Manager, Brand & Content at Sinch Email
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Beatriz Redondo Tejedor is a journalist, communications, and content specialist with over 10 years of experience developing global and multilingual communications and content marketing strategies.
Over the years, Beatriz has specialized in helping international companies to develop localized communication strategies, combining her multicultural background and awareness and her expertise in digital communication and content creation.
She currently leads Sinch’s CPaaS Content and Localization teams, which create high-quality content in four languages and target customers all around the world.

Alexander Ekhilevskiy

Senior Localization Program Manager at Vista
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Alexander is Senior Localization Program Manager at Vista, the partner for small business design, marketing, and printing, where he focuses on localization technology and automation.
Before transitioning to the client side, he spent 11 years at a major LSP, where he progressed from Translation Project Manager to Team Lead, focusing mostly on e-Learning projects and working with clients like Nikon and IKEA.
Later, he built a multimedia localization team, delving into dubbing, subtitling, and video localization, and eventually became a Multimedia Localization Solutions Architect.

Morana Peric

Head of Localization at DeepL
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Morana is a Croatian-born Berlin-based localization, content and UX professional.
She has spent the past 10 years working as a manager and leader in the tech industry, building up localisation, content and UX teams and processes, and working on lean and efficient workflows.
She loves to talk about why building products with great user experience is important and what good localization really means, how to promote more clarity and vulnerability in management, women in leadership and how to apply systems thinking and holistic approach to grow yourself and your business.

Michele Cerioni

Head Hunter for the Language Service Industry
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Michele is part of the Language Services recruitment team forAdaptive Globalization
Adaptive is the world leading Language Services & Language Technology recruitment firm with global offices in London, Berlin, New York, San Diego and Singapore.
Having worked as a translator himself, Michele knows the industry inside-out and today serves the world’s top LSPs, boutique agencies, language tech companies and translation departments providing them with the best candidates for their open positions.

Alfonso González

Localization Manager at Sinch
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Alfonso is in charge of the internationalization and localization strategies at Sinch Email.
He has gained experience as a project manager and localization manager in international companies during 25 years setting up structures, workflows, and teams.
He is also an expert on SEO localization, the Founder and CEO at TranslaStars and one of the Directors at the Localization Management Academy.

Nicola Calabrese

CEO at Undertow
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Ever thought of creating your own LSP and working with top brands?
As the founder of Undertow, Nicola helps companies expand internationally by developing an effective localization program to translate, adapt, and create multilingual content so they can personalize their global user experience and increase their revenue and ROI.
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