Expert in Trados Studio 2022 (I Edition)

Do you want to become a rockstar in  marketing translation and SEO localization?

Join María Scheibengraf, David García, Alfonso González, the world's top 3 experts in SEO/SEA localization and copywriting in this ultimate training experience.

These 3 top level professionals have teamed up to bring you the first expert level course with which you will acquire the skills to rock the marketing translation industry.

SEO localization, SEA, optimization, keywords...

Marketing translation is the field with the highest demand for qualified professionals in the language industry (think of job ads for content writers, translators, SEO specialists, copywriters, localization managers...).

This course will empower you to:
  • offer specialised and highly paid marketing services to your customers,
  • become an SEO/SEA localization expert,
  • optimize your source/target texts for SEO and make them attractive for your target audience,
  • increase your/your customer sales and organic/paid traffic,
  • grow and thrive professionally.

Do not miss this opportunity

Get your seat for the best expert course on SEO/SEA localization and SEO/SEA content creation.
Acquire the skills
 to succeed in marketing translation learning how to apply SEO skills to your translations, how to localize SEA content, how to optimize your content for SEO, or how to make SEO analysis.

10 weekdays (in 2 weeks) full of dynamic content delivered in English by the best experts in the industry, with activities with real life examples in 3 languages (French, German, and Spanish), Q&A sessions, and a final day with breakout rooms with the 3 experts to put everything you have learned into practice.

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  • This course includes:
  • Expert coachesMaría Scheibengraf, SEO Expert, Author, Translator
  •  Live activities
  •  Life access to contents 
  • In English with examples in French, German, and Spanish
  •  Completion certificate
  •  Money back guarantee
  • Acquire A-Z SEO/SEA skills for marketing localization 
  • Duration: 10 h aprox.
  • When? 20 to 24 Nov 2023 at 18.00 CET (2 h every day)

Course and coaches description

There is only one way to succeed in SEO & SEA localization and content creation: practicing with real life examples and learning from professionals who do it everyday.

The localization of marketing content has become increasingly important in the last few years and anyone who wants to succeed as a marketing translator needs to know how to deal with SEO and SEA localization and how to optimize content for SEO.

María Scheibengraf is a reference in the SEO translation world thanks to her best selling book "The SEO Translation Bible". María will take you on a joruney to discover what SEO means, the different parts to take into account on your SEO strategy and SEO localization best practices and workflows.

David García is a reknown SEO consultant that has been providing multilingual SEO services  to companies and professionals since 2015. David will provide us with the skills to create copy that amazes both our readers and Google and teach us how to use the tools to optimize our copy and localized content.

Alfonso González will cover everything you need to know about SEA and how to create and localize impacting and engaging ads using real life examples on which he has worked as a Localization Manager in different companies.
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
SEssion 1

The Game Localization World

By Diego Perez

Session 1

1.1 Localization vs. Translation — The Difference
1.2 Localization Operations — Roles
1.3 Localization Operations — Project Lifecycle
1.4 Game Genre Overview
1.5 Skills to Develop
Hands-on exercises
Session 2

The Game Localization Day-to-Day

By Diego Perez

Session 2

2.1 Localization File — Simple and Advanced Views
2.2 Localization Query Sheet + Best Practices
2.3 CAT Tool Overview
2.4 Common Tools in Game Localization
2.5 Navigating Game Documentation
Q&A session
Hands-on exercises
SEssion 3

Game Localization Testing

By Diego Perez

Session 3

3.1 LQA Process Overview
3.2 LQA Sheet and Types of Bugs
3.4 Managing Testing Time
Hands-on exercises
SEssion 4

Game Localization Challenges

By Diego Perez

Session 4

4.1 Working Around Character Limitations
4.2 Time Constraints for Voice Acting
4.3 Overcoming Lack of Reference Material
4.4 Assessing Deadlines
Hands-on exercises
SEssion 5

The Game Localization Market

By Diego Perez

Session 5

5.1 Rates Baseline
5.2 Leveraging ProZ and LinkedIn to Find Clients
5.3 NDAs and How to Sell Your Experience
5.4 Translation Test Tips
Hands-on exercises

Nora Díaz 

Nora Díaz is a full-time published EN-ES translator and translation team leader, working for clients located around the world on a daily basis translating, editing or proofreading content. Her interest in productivity has led to a constant exploration of technology to boost productivity, such as CAT tools, speech recognition, and custom macros. In her blog, Nora Díaz on Translation, Teaching and Other Stuff she shares what she has learned with translators from around the globe. 
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